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Hey there! I'm The Supreme Argonian, but you can call me "Supreme". I mostly do back-end work, such as rewording, adding categories, and dealing with any SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) issues. However, if I have something to add, I will! I'm also on the Discussions a lot, so you'll no doubt see me around on there.

I'm still quite new to editing, so please forgive any mistakes I make; I really am trying to get better! That said, if you notice me repeatedly making the same mistakes, or if I've really messed up, feel free to let me know on my talkpage.

Here's a bunch of templates to make it look as though there's more than there is (thanks to Aquila for fixing them up). I'll probably add some more stuff like quotes in the near future (I won't, but nobody needs to know that).

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