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Hey, I'm just a huge Yoshi fan just trying to make a difference on some wikia sites. Trying to make these sites a high standard with a lot of links that are commonplace on the normal Wikipedia. Am a big fan of games, play Mario (of course), Fallout, Oblivion, Dead Rising, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Zelda, and many other top tier games. I started off a Nintendo fan with my N64, but has since moved on to other great games. I've played and have gotten a Game Boy Color, PS2, GBA, Mac (no games on it), Gamecube, DS, DSi, Wii, and an Xbox 360. I am currently doing my best to edit wikis like the Final Fantasy Wiki, the Oblivio Wiki, The Vault: Fallout Wiki, the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, the Mass Effect Wiki, and the Dead Rising Wiki. I usually edit the wikis on games I'm playing, and right now I'm editing the Dead Rising wiki the most. Barely anyone uses it, and it could really use some help. I'm also starting to edit the Battlefield Wiki, since I plan to get Bad Company 2 pretty soon. Hopefully I'll be working on more wikis in the future, by just starting off small, and going on to much more noticeable things. If you see my edit on any article on any wikia, feel free to review my work and see how well I'm doing, and fix any of my edited articles if I made any mistakes. Thanks!

I also have an Xbox Live gamertag: SonofNone1313.


My favorite pagesEdit

Haven't decided on my favorite pages yet

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