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  • I live in The United States of America
  • I was born on April 28
  • My occupation is Writer/Unemployed
  • I am Male
  • Bio Seek the Old Ways in the House of Boet-hi-Ah, the doctrine of which says:
    "Search for the renrij whose people were colored by betrayal."


    Greetings, I am The Imperial Battlemage, ex-discussions moderator of the Elder Scrolls Wiki and aspiring author and conlanger. I enjoy writing, coding, and reading in my spare time. I am an Atheist and a bit of an anti-theist as well. I am primarily left-wing, but I hate both Donald "Can't Stump the Trump" Trump and Hillary "I Changed My Slogan Mid-Campaign" Clinton. I support Hunjoltoor (SheogorathCheese) and myself for moderator.

    In addition, I should be able to answer any question you have about The Elder Scrolls, Harry Potter, or LoTR. Feel free to contact me on Kik @the_imperial_, @ThatLoreGuy, or @AnotherIBMAlt. I also recommend you check out my YouTube channel (The Imperial Battlemage) and my Twitter (@IBM_Battle_Mage).

    My email is


    Official member and founder of the Lore Crusaders


    More About Me:
    I am a German citizen by parentage and an American citizen by birth location. I was born in Texas, and now comfortably reside in Iowa, where I plan on staying until I have finished college, upon the graduation of which I plan on moving to the UK and going to university there. I have always had a deep love and appreciation for literature, particularly that of the High Fantasy genre. When I was young, I often immersed myself in the works of writers such as Tolkien and J.K. Rowling. At the moment, I am working on several novels with good friends of mine, and taking courses in literature and history, as well as listening to lectures on the aforementioned subjects whenever possible. I am particularly intrigued by Celtic and Germanic lore, and plan on briefly studying linguistics to help in the creation of fantastical languages.
    As I mentioned in my brief introduction in the beginning of this piece, I enjoy coding and modding. I have several large ongoing projects related to The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, most of which deal with modding. To name a few, I am working on a parallel to Blood of the Nord, a mod that continues the Civil War questline on the side of the Stormcloaks. My parallel is very similar to its inspiration; in BoN, the Stormcloak questline is continued--in my mod, I plan to further the Imperial questline. This project is of a very large scale, and will include hefty segments of other Provinces in Tamriel. On the other side of the spectrum, there are a few small immersion mods to be made, each making a small improvement, that, in my opinion, boosts the immersion of the game. So that's a bit about me and my life. The rest of this bio mostly consists of assorted links and reports on debates and the like, so feel free to browse.

    <~~~The Elder Scrolls~~~>

    <General Links>




    <Elder Scrolls Lore>

    The Alchemical Properties of the Senchi Tiger.

    Short Document on Lorkhan (also known as Shor, the Trickster, and Shezzar).

    Opinion piece on why one should not refer to YouTube when wanting to learn lore.

    Brief Introduction to the An-Xileel.

    Discussion of the political chain in the Summerset Isles.

    On Shezarrines.

    Discussion on the reason behind the banning of Talos worship and the continued worship of Arkay.

    On the Ascension of Arkay and Talos.

    Basic breakdown of the lifespans of Tamrielic races.

    Introduction to Elder Scrolls Lore.

    On CHIM.

    Orcish Lifespan.

    On Landfall.

    The Origins of Malacath and the Pariah Folk.

    Measurements of Tamriel.

    The Origins of the Hist [Trees].

    On Talos.

    Lore Thread (Resource for Beginner and Intermediate Lore Scholars)

    Discussion of Magnus' [Possible] Status as an Aedra

    On Aedra Identification.

    On the Cosmological and Astronomical Makeup of the Universe

    On Ulfric Stormcloak.

    On Michael Kirkbride.

    On The Towers.

    Discussion of Talos' Possible Opposition of Lorkhan

    On Morrowind: Introduction

    On Morrowind: Part One

    Lore Thread (Mostly Consisting of Trivia)

    Discussion of the Godhead [read replies].

    Dragonborn or Dovahkiin?

    Alduin's Fate [read replies].

    Basic Geography

    On the Origins of the Khajiit.

    On the Relationship Between Sithis and Padomay.

    The Prophecy of the Dragonborn.

    Dragonborn or Dovahkiin? (Continued) [read replies].

    Lore Quiz.

    The Average Lifespans of the Tamrielic Races [read replies].

    Is Ulfric Stormcloak Truly Racist?


    Is Lorkhan Dead?

    Amulet of Kings Lore Posts Archive

    ==Speculation on future Elder Scrolls games==

    Speculation on the Format and Plot of The Elder Scrolls Six

    On the Possibility of an Akaviri Invasion Being Featured in TES Six.

    Why I think The Elder Scrolls Six won't be in Elsewyr.

    Discussion of the location of The Elder Scrolls Six.

    Discussion on the plot of The Elder Scrolls Six.

    Community Discussion of The Elder Scrolls Six


    On Amaund Motierre.

    On the Death of Titus Mede.

    On the Fate of the Snow Elves.

    On the Identity of Xrib.

    TES VI Will Be the Last TES Game.

    Is the Laat Dovahkiin a Shezarrine?




    The Scholar.


    ==Civil War Discussion==

    The Stormcloak Bible (to be refuted by ThatGuy and me)

    Imperial Legion Versus Stormcloaks (Militarily).

    ==Notable Users==







    Laat Dovahkiin




    Meow T. Cow

    Legate Rob Round Belly

    Xan. Land


    Arch-Mage Tobias

    Legatus Legis





    ==Technical Information and Support==

    Short Discussion of Followers and Disposition in the Skyrim Creation Kit.

    ==Other Resources==

    Quiz-Making Resource.

    Role-Playing Board.

    Dovahzul Translator (useful for beginners).

    Learn Dovahzul.

    The Elder Scrolls Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

    Moderator and Administrator Requirements.

    Wikia Dev Team Contact.



    Becoming a lore buff.

    The Imperial Library (exercise caution here due to OOG).

    UESP Wiki.

    UESLF Wiki (DISCLAIMER: I am the founder of this Wiki).


    Wikia ToU.

    Staff List.

    List of Users.


    Aquila's Lore Starter Pack.


    The Song of the Sands.

    First Ever Discussions Post.

    Discussion of Oblivion (game).

    Bard's Rap.


    Green Eggs and Yam.

    On the Possibility of TES Being in the Same Universe as FO.

    Why Skyrim is a Bad Elder Scrolls Game.

    History of the Discussions.

    Mod Previews.

    /D One Year Anniversary.

    How To Install Daggerfall

    ==Facepalm Archive== [read replies]

    ==Spicy Memes==

    ==Lore Questions==

    Lore Questions : Random


    ===Ongoing Projects===

    -De-stubbing Daggerfall.
    -Document on the lifespan of the races.
    -Document on TES VI location and plot.
    -Final document on the Stormcloaks and Imperials.



    Malifer. (Inactive)
    Laat Dovahkiin.
    That Guy 69420.

    Good "friends":

    Darkvaultboi (Parker).
    Arch-Mage Tobias.
    Conry Francois (left the Wiki).
    RipCryn (no longer active).
    Legate Rob Round Belly.
    The Dagonator.


    Order of PSJJJJ
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Hey, I'm The Imperial Battlemage, otherwise known as IBM. I'm an editor and an avid user of the Discussions (having the most posts on the platform) and have been on the Wiki since 2016. I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable in lore, so feel free to ask questions. That's really all there is to it.

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