Good evening my friends, My name is thewunderray, Daedric T.svgDaedric H.svgDaedric E.svgDaedric W.svgDaedric U.svgDaedric N.svgDaedric D.svgDaedric E.svgDaedric R.svgDaedric R.svgDaedric A.svgDaedric Y.svg to my friends, T.svgH.svgE.svgW.svgU.svgN.svgD.svgE.svgR.svgR.svgA.svgY.svg to my business associates. I play skyrim and oblivion. I'm also planning on getting morrowind if I get the chance. So anyway, heres some skyrim stuff. Including my ES Xavier dynasty. Read that if your willing to put yourself through my overactive imagination.

I am a lad from Scotland. I'm not ginger and iv never had haggis in me life. I saw an advert for skyrim on the telly one day and thought it looked rather attractive. So i played it and i loved it instantly, then i found the game of the year edition of Oblivion, and i loved that too. I am waiting on online to come out, as i am a console player.

Me favourite games include the elder scrolls, Call of Duty (for the zombies,mind.) batman:arkham series, dead rising series, Wolfenstein, titanfall, red dead redemption, grand theft auto, and the all time best game forever and ever,DooM. I am awaiting doom 4 and it is safe to say i am excited.

I love the tv show Doctor Who. If you dont know what it is its about a lad from another planet who can change his face and rides in a blue police box to save people, seriously though look it up, its been going on 50 years now.

I adore comics, i have a collection of marvel volumes, modern age DC/marvel comics and several late bronze age/early modern age DC/marvel comics.

I like 80's pop and country. Johnny Cash is a god and Madness are the way forward.

I love the 80's.

the Xavier Dynasty[edit | edit source]

the Xavier dynasty is just my little ancestor bloodline for every elder scrolls game. The First Xaviers began sometime in the Mythic era, however the bloodline didn't become widely known until sometime in the First Era. the first Xavier legend was born in the second era during Online. Most Xaviers live to be successful and rich people, but sometimes an Xavier is born to become a legend by saving Tamriel in some form. The xaviers began as Atmorans. Currently,the Xavier bloodline has returned to its nordic roots. The new bloodline often begins when the last of the old bloodlines quest begins. The first Xavier to have existed is believed to be an Atmoran crusader named Xmyor Snowborn Xavier, the Snow Elf slayer of The Moesring Mountains, who battled the snow elves alongside Ysgramor in the five hundred companions. His final battle was against a powerful snow elf mage, who used a powerful spell tome to curse Xymor by wiping out his descendants upon his own death, he was stabbed and left to bleed out. However, he was able to grab the mage and decapitate him with his war axe, and hastily rewrote the curse. Nearing death, he wrote that upon his death, his bloodline would pass on to another province. This cycle would continue upon an Xavier becoming legend. Xymor then died, and the bloodline remained dormant until the nords appeared.

Online: Falcor Xavier. Race: Nord-Born and raised in Windhelm. The first Xavier legend. Born into the then rich and laissez faire Xavier family, Falcor was an ignorant and non-empathetic man who went from hold to hold boasting of his family riches and drinking. At this time, the Xaviers history with Xymor and the companions was lost, leaving them unaware of their heroic background. Falcor was slain by Mannimarco and was sent to Coldharbour. He meet the prophet who informs him of his background, encouraging him to become a hero. This leads to the events of Online. He went on a quest to stop Daedric prince Molag Bal from invading Tamriel whilst fighting with the Ebonheart Pact in hopes of becoming emporer to redeem his family name. He would lead a short and uneventful reign as emporer, but all records of this were seized by spies of the Aldmeri Dominion, and would not be recovered until the fourth era by Loreth Xavier.

Shadowkey: Nurquil Xavier. Race: Breton-Born and raised in Wayrest. The father of Quandor and Quarran Xavier. A renowned mage, Nurquil originally lived in the village of Azra's crossing with his wife and two children. Safe from the conflict between High Rock, Hammerfell and Skyrim, the village was attacked by murauders sent by Jagar Tharn to capture Shadowmage Skelos Undriel. Determined to save his village, Nurquil is sent on a hunt for shadowkeys and Star Teeth in attempts to defeat Tharn. This leads to the events of Shadowkey. After the final battle at the Crypt of Hearts, Nurquil is hailed as a great hero. He then leaves for Daggerfall with his family.

Arena: Shaheen Xavier. Race: Argonian-Born and raised in Blackthorn. The first true Xavier bloodline restart. The Xavier family of argonians began in 3E 300 after a long dormancy. This is believed to have been caused by Falcor's lack of soul throughout his time as an Xavier Legend. Again, the argonian Xaviers were unaware of their atmoran and nordic past. Shaheen was originally a lumberjack, and was known locally for his great strength and speed in his job. Later on, Shaheen decided to leave his home province and go to Cyrodil in hopes of becoming a soldier of the empire, and became a guard of white-gold tower. after the emporer was imprisoned in Oblivion by Jagar Tharn, Shaheen learned of him pretending to be the emporer and attempted to kill him, however he was apprehended and sent to a dungeon to rot. This led to the events of Arena. After becoming the eternal champion, Shaheen returned to Black Marsh and remained a hero. Soon after, he learned of the breton branch of Xaviers and soon to be Xavier Legend, Quandor. He died in 3E 405 at the age of 39 after sacrificing his life to save his successor from attacking dremora. Quandor often visited Black Marsh to remember him. Loreth Xavier owns Shaheen's original woodcutters axe, known as Shaheens woodchopper, and keeps it on display at his home.

daggerfall: Quandor Xavier. Race: Breton-Born and raised in Azra's Crossing. The breton family of Xaviers began the same year as the argonians for unknown reasons, but it is largely believed to have been the meddling of the Daggerfall Covenant in the second era, who learned of the curse put upon the Xavier bloodline. They attempted to kill Falcor and restart the bloodline with the breton race. Quandor started off as a practicing mage to carry on his family's tradition until he learned of his Argonian cousin, Shaheen. Quandor learned of the Xavier family's past, and believed himself to be the next Xavier Legend. He decided to travel to Black Marsh and would be taught to become a warrior with Shaheen as his tutor. After Shaheen's death, Quandor left for Cyrodil and became one of the emporers own guards. He would be sent back to his homeland to fulfill a request of the emporer, this leads to the events of Daggerfall. He died in 3E 405 at the age of 20 after being slain by the Numidium. After the deaths of Shaheen and Quandor, who had both became Legend, the argonian and breton Xaviers died out, and the bloodline restarted in Morrowind.

Battlespire: Quarran Xavier.Race: Breton-Born and raised in Azra's Crossing. The elder brother of Quandor Xavier. Like many of his family before him, Quarran left home to practice his mage abilities, and eventually graduate as a battlemage. He trained for several years, but before Quarran could begin his final test, Battlespire was invaded by Daedric prince Mehrunes Dagon and his Dremora forces. They killed almost everyone, and Dagon himself took Quarrans battle partner to his realm of The Deadlands. Quarran then set out to rescue him. This leads to the events of Battlespire. After defeating Mehrunes Dagon in his realm and returning to Tamriel, Quarran was hailed as a great hero and was placed in the position as Uriel Septims personal battlemage after Jagar Tharn's defeat at the hands of Shaheen Xavier. He would remain in this position until the death of Quandor where he, along with the rest of the breton and argonian familys, died out.

Stormhold/Dawnstar: Karyesh Xavier. Race: Dark Elf-Born and raised in Vivec City. A cousin of Goliath Xavier. Originally a well renowned noble in morrowind, he was caught smuggling skooma into the province and was arrested and thrown into Stormhold, run by the lunatic warden Quintus Varus. After fighting his way through several dungeons, Karyesh finally killed Quintus and escaped. Eager to clear his name, but unable to return home, he traveled to the town of Dawnstar in Skyrim in response to a request by governor Vinticae to find his four champions. Successfully finding them, and finding a traitor amongst them, Karyesh was welomed to stay in Dawnstar. He accepted, and remained a local hero. He would remain in this position until Vivec created the Imperial family of Xaviers, where he, along with the rest of the Xavier family of Dunmer, died.

Morrowind: Goliath Xavier. Race: Dark Elf-Born and raised in Solthseim. Due to being around nords for most of his life, coupled with the dunmer family of Xaviers past, Goliath strived to become a warrior and Xavier Legend, and trains to become one. However, he is arrested for unknown reasons. He is then sent to seyda neen by the emporer of Tamriel. This leads to the events of Morrowind. After the events of this, tribunal and bloodmoon,Goliath went on an expedition to Akavir, where he currently stays. his successors are unaware that Goliath is alive. When Goliath earned immortality, he soon realised that the Xavier bloodline would stop with him. He returned to Mournhold to plead with Vivec to find a way to continue it. Vivec was familiar with the family due to Almalexia's dealings with Falcor. Falcor's echo remained in the halls of the Tribunal temple, and was able to conjure a sample of Falcor's blood. Mixing Falcor and Goliath's blood together, he was able to make the bloodline continue. However, Vivec made an error due to going back into the past, and accidentally started the Xavier family of imperials alongside the dunmer family.

Oblivion: Jorgan Xavier. Race: imperial-Born and raised in Bruma. Jorgan was born at an unusual time, being born before Goliath Xavier became legend. He was raised listening to stories of his family, and the legends Falcor, Shaheen Quandor Xavier. Jorgan hoped to follow in their footsteps, but was surprised to learn that another Xavier, Goliath, became the neveravine in Morrowind. Jorgan was discouraged by this, believing he would not become a legend. He turned to petty theivary, and was eventually put under arrest. The emporer then found him, and sent him on a quest to close the jaws of oblivion, this leads to the events of oblivion. After the events of this and knights of the nine, Jorgan would eventually go to the shivering isles, and become heavily involved with the daedric prince Sheogorath. Consequently, he became the new daedric prince of madness, and remains in this role to this day. He met his successor, Loreth Xavier, and gives him the Wabbajack. Loreth is unaware that this is Jorgan, believing him to be long dead.Due to Jorgan becoming Sheogorath, the Xavier bloodline comes to a complete stop and doesnt continue for many years. However, 100 years later, the bloodline mysteriously restarts back in skyrim.

Skyrim: Loreth Xavier.Race: nord-Born and raised in Markarth. In 4E 179, the first New Xavier bloodline legend is born. Loreth Xavier is at first unaware of his familys long past, and believes himself to be an ordinary nord. He leaves Skyrim for Cyrodil to join the empire as a soldier, but after learning of Ulfric Stormcloaks capture, decides to return to witness his execution. He is forced to sneak back illegally, but is captured and arrested. After Alduin destroys Helgen, he escapes with Ralof and decides to join the rebellion. Later, he learns that he is the last dragonborn. This leads to the events of Skyrim. After these events, Dawnguard and Dragonborn. Loreth builds his own home near Falkreath, and continues to live there with his wife, Camilla Xavier, and his children, Samuel and Lucia Xavier. Loreth was visited by the spirit of his aincent ancestor, Falcor, who informs him of his family's long and complicated past.

skryim[edit | edit source]

anyway, heres stuff I like,dislike and do on skyrim.

My favorite skills are Two-Handed, Heavy Armor, Smithing, Enchanting and Speech.

My favorite species are Nords. I'm also a big fan of Orcs, Imperials, Dark Elves and even Snow Elves. (and by that I mean snow elf.)

I despise the thalmor and hate the imperial legion.

I'm a soldier of thestormcloaks ,harbinger of the Companions ,listener of the dark brotherhood,leader of the thieves guild and lord ofCastle Volkihar.

I LURVE the dawnguard DLC.

I love my dragonbone warhammer.

I'm a big fan of the daedric prince Sheogorath and the divine Talos.

I also LURVE the hearthfire DLC.

I love my pet mudcrab, Mr.krabs.

and I also LURVE the dragonborn DLC.

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