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Imperial City


"The Arboretum District was an idyllic garden prior to the Daedric invasion. Its proximity to the archives made it a popular haunt for the city's scholars. Now the district is filled with bonfires beneath a thick blanket of smoke. The Daedra have plundered the city's archives—burning as many books and scrolls as they can find."

- Clawed Trophy Vault and Arboretum Armory crafting hub in this location.

"Prior to the invasion, the Elven Gardens District was a bustling residential quarter. Now it functions as a base of operations for the perfidious “Legion Zero." The dark legionaries have established great forges here as well as siege foundries, drill yards, and everything else an army might need."

Memorial District "This section of the city was a thriving market prior to Varen Aquilarios' conquest of the city. After he took the Ruby Throne, Varen converted the district into a cemetery and memorial dedicated to all the soldiers who died fighting Leovic's troops. This has made the Memorial District fertile ground for Molag Bal's twisted necromancers. The Worm Cult and Molag Bal's Xivkyn work around the clock, exhuming graves and raising the dead."

(This later becomes the Market District)

Nobles District: "The Nobles District served as a residential neighborhood for the city's upper class, including councilors and wealthy merchants. When the Daedric invasion started, Captain Caudex gathered as many legionaries as he could and established a makeshift garrison in the old forum at the center of the district. They've somehow managed to hold that fort for several months, despite the Daedric onslaught."

Temple District: "This district was formerly the traditional center of faith in the city. Now, the once beautiful Temple of the One has been converted into a horrifying torture chamber. Priests are routinely tortured and interrogated here, while members of the laity are sacrificed to appease Daedric Prince Molag Bal."

Imperial City Prison: "The Imperial City was overrun some time ago. With its invasion, the prison was also abandoned by its once steadfast guards. In the chaos that resulted, gangs of prisoners fought and preyed upon each other—this lasted until the Daedra arrived to lord over the Imperial Prison. A Grievous Twilight and its minions have since completely taken over the prison. The Daedra capture mortals of all kinds from the Imperial City warzone and process them in the prison. Prisoners are sent deep underground, where the Daedra have unearthed a network of Ayleid ruins, converting them into holding pens and terrible torture chambers."

  • Dungeon:

White-Gold Tower (Online): "The Daedra have invaded the White-Gold Tower as part of their full-scale attack on the Imperial City. Terran Arminus, an Imperial Moth Priest, seeks your aid in retrieving an Elder Scroll she has hidden in the Tower. It's imperative you find it before the Daedra. Will you be successful, or succumb to the forces of Molag Bal?"

Imperial City Sewers (Online) The Imperial Sewers are a vast and ancient network of drains and cisterns providing basic sanitation for the city above. Deeper still are ancient Ayleid ruins—long-forgotten structures, hidden by centuries of neglect. The sewers have always served as a haven for beasts and bandits, but now Molag Bal has taken over. Feared Daedric lieutenants patrol the halls, looking for victims and secrets tucked away beneath the White-Gold Tower.

The massive Imperial Sewers are a network of subterranean passageways and canals that span the entirety of the Imperial City. Here are some of the things you'll find while exploring the Sewers:

Entrance to White-Gold Tower Entrance to each of the Imperial City alliance bases Ladders that connect to every district Patrolling Xivkyn Generals Boss monsters Trove Scamps and Cunning Scamps A special event in the Barathrum Centrata, at the center of the Sewers

Loremaster's Archives

[ Loremaster's Archive: Politics and the Imperial City

Interactive Map

Tamriel Interactive Map: Craglorn

Warlords of the Ra Gada:

Though it remains unknown exactly what happened to the islands of Yokuda in the First Era, we do know that the Ra Gada, or “warrior wave,” of Yokudans arrived in the south of Hammerfell having fled catastrophic destruction. It did not take long for these fierce warlords to carve out a home in Tamriel with their iconic curved swords, but they made few friends in their initial hostility.

The Anka-Ra were among the most fearsome of the warrior bands of the Ra Gada. Led by the ruthless Emperor Tarish-Zi, their mastery of the blade was renowned among their own people. They cut a bloody swath all the way into Craglorn in their hunger to claim a new home, leaving few survivors. One can only imagine what it was like to face the fury of their blades.

Letter found within the School of Rahni’Za:


Your mother and I beam with pride on hearing of your acceptance. We knew you would pass the first trial, just as I and your grand-papa before you did so many years ago. If there was ever any doubt, it is now certain you will be a worthy warrior and noble leader when you return from training.

I must warn you, though. Do not allow your vision to become clouded with self-congratulation. You are young yet, and you have only passed the easiest of the trials you will face at Rahni’Za. Yes, you stand among the halls of our mighty and formidable ancestors, but you are a mere pup in the shadow of wolves. Keep your mind open and clear, face the challenges set before you with courage and discipline, and devote yourself entirely to your blade. This I command.

My belief in you is strong, son. May you become the warrior you are meant to be.

Excerpt from The Gourmand’s Guide to Craglorn:

You might be surprised to learn that the meat of the fell runner compares more to a steak than to poultry. It is dark red and marbled with thin, delectable streaks of fat. Just one fell runner can provide a hearty feast for a group of travelers (and then some!), but the meat must be cooked correctly to avoid a tough, stringy mess.

Firstly, cut the meat into thick chunks of at least two fingers’ height, and take great caution to avoid over-cooking. For the best results, the interior should still be red and just warm. Though a light dusting of salt will do in a hurry, I recommend roasting it alongside onion and a sampling of the sweet peppers native to the region. The liver is positively delightful, so make sure to try it!


Auridon: From the journal of Henyarie:

Thirty years of work eaten by a visiting Khajiiti “dignitary.” Eaten. All of my careful work selecting only the most perfectly-shaped silverscales for breeding lost in an afternoon of ignorant indulgence. And worse: my own son is to blame. I ordered him quite clearly to accompany the cat-man at all times on our property. His disobedience will be properly addressed later.

For now, I can only lament the loss of my best stock. The most beautiful fish in all of Tamriel, every shining scale a little triangle of perfection, every fine translucent fin ideally shaped—all lost. I found the scoundrel, languid and stuffed, dozing amongst their skeletons.

--- Notes of Arcorion, High Elven Enchanter:

As I feared, my talent is entirely wasted on the tedious work here. I have not pursued the fine art of Enchantment for all these decades to have my skills squandered by repeating the same simple processes on the same unremarkable arms and armor all day, every day. I could train a Nord to do this.

I am not callous to my peoples’ needs; of course the troops require adequate enchantments, but being conscripted into this when I could be doing so much more is ridiculous. I shall appeal to the Kinlord. Surely he will see the error of his ways if I present him with some of my more impressive creations. In fact, he’ll probably fund further experiments, especially when he sees the implications of my recent theories regarding kinemagical principles and their possible impact on ore refinement!

New List

  1. Online Pages
  2. Categories: Morrowind: Locations categories. (Morrowind: Location by Region, etc).
    1. Ascadian Isles
    2. Ashlands
    3. Azura's Coast
    4. Bitter Coast
    5. Grazelands
    6. Molag Amur
    7. Red Mountain Region
    8. Sheogorad
    9. West Gash
  3. Disambiguations -> "Lore" locations -> Remove and replace with full article pages. (I.e. Camlorn into a mainspace page, with subpage links to Camlorn (Arena) and Camlorn (Online) as required.
  4. Morrowind Characters -> Finish creating these!
    • Update existing ones with new formatting standard.
  5. Morrowind Locations: Fill these in
  6. Morrowind: Characters: Fill in and remove stubs
  7. Idea: Formalise policy regarding the Consensus Track? (I.e. inclusion of the voting templates, and recommended length of voting period. (example: 7 days).
  8. Policy: External Links -> What we can and cant link to (or is this under What TESWiki is not? )
  9. Check to see if other policies need updating, as they really havent been looked at for quite some time.
  10. "Online" Pages - Need Templates for these, and inclusion in the auto-creation template. (As per template) :
    • Character
    • Location
    • Creature
    • Item
    • Ingredient
    • Book
    • Spell
  11. rena/Daggerfall templates need updating -> These CANNOT have RefIDs, as they did not have them in this game
  12. Update the Stuff to do list below.
  13. Online Project -> Get this started (same as the Skyrim Project).
    1. FIND the Skyrim Project and use this
    2. Project created: User:Timeoin/OnlineProject
  14. Special:UncategorizedFiles (Several THOUSAND of these).
  15. Classes and Spells -> These need standardisation and/or creation.
  16. Pages for Godhead, Chim and pages of this nature. (Get someone who understands this theory to do this though).
    • Progress: Started thread requesting these be created.
  17. Lore: References.
  18. Complete Revamp of many of the pages on here, such as the Lore pages. (And Races, and regions, etc).
  19. Actually work on this list this time
  20. Category:Battlespire: Books - Update using the Imperial Library Compendium
  21. Category:Redguard: Books - Update using the Imperial Library Compendium
  22. Characters (Redguard) - Create and add pages  to these characters, based on conversations from here
  23. Remove links to pages such as "Morgiah of Firsthold", "Eadre of Wayrest", etc, and replace with proper links
  24. Add direct links for dates, i.e. 2E 865 instead of Timeline#2E 865

Completed work from this list:

  1. Nominate TombRaiser for Bureaucrat. (She has more than earned this)
  2. Update the Community Messages -> It is VERY VERY VERY out of date now. (Seriously, it still has the book project listed). (TombRaiser working on this)
  3. Check progress on Project: Darwin. (To be implemented shortly)
  4. Find out whether transferring to message walls will remove talk page discussion (If it will automatically do this, or not). (It wont)

General List pages that show things across multiple games:

Stuff To Do

(NOTE: Some of these may since have been done. This list is quite old).

  • City Guides: Make reference of these when writing about the towns. - i.e for Sadrith Mora, reference Guide to Sadrith Mora
  • Category:Royalty - fix this up, along with the "Royal Bloodlines" pages (and ones of important families, such as the Direnni) - IN PROGRESS
  • Dynasties Pages, too? Camoran Dynasty, Reman Dynasty, Septim Dynasty.
  • Some of the lengthier pages are in need of content/link cleanups: e.g. Mannimarco, Dwemer, to name a few. (Use {{Attention}} for these) - later, work on them
  • Several pages contain a complete lack of references! - Fix this :)
  • Stubs List (Probably a never-ending task)
  • Incomplete Pages List (Probably a never-ending task)
  • Some Character pages mention events that take place that are dependent one one particular storyline option. (I.e. the Nerevarine/Champion of Cyrodiil helped <x character>. Go through and change this) - See Morrowind Guide for more info??
  • Battles pages - clean up the content there. References? List of battles, dates, the works (User:GR Groe was working on content cleanup)
  • Towns need updating ... e.g. Balmora, Vos, etc? :P
    • Use the City Guides were practical?
  • Several MOST "Lore" pages, i.e. First Era, Second Era, etc need a severe overhaul.
  • "Appearances" templates - add to character's pages (i.e. First Appearance, etc) - add to other pages, too
  • TEMPLATES: Incorporate idea for Image/Stub templates (STILL TO DO!!)
  • Categorise Image: Category:Images - Characters, Cities, Locations, etc - Low Priority for now.
  • Add more images to existing pages - screenshot them myself/yourself, if possible (Avoid complications with UESP = priority! :))
  • Succession Template - Create/Add for many more things (i.e. game series', etc ?)
  • Overhaul the TES pages? (Fix links, create help pages, etc, etc) - Will take a while to do, and probably shouldnt be done as a Solo effort (Wikis are not dictatorships after all)
  • Create categories - Characters by Era (Characters in the First Era, Characters in the Second Era, Characters in the Third Era, Characters in the Fourth Era).
  • (Also, EVENTS by era, i.e. Reman Dynasty = First Era);
  • Template:Lore - need to rename / restructure this -> First Era, Second Era, Third Era, Fourth Era. (Characters, Events, Battles, etc??) - on each of them?
  • Add photos for the Characters that exist in the games, taking screenshots for each of them. (HINT: Anyone up for a project?) (150+ added from Oblivion so-far)
  • Continue adding categories to the "Achievements" section :)
  • A Hypothetical Treachery - work out a way of referencing the Author's dispute. ? - LOW PRIORITY
  • Add a "Notes" template and add it there??
  • General Pages Cleanup - Progressively working through pages, adding categories, tags, etc, to them as needed. Currently up to page: Madness Ore Materials List (5 June 2011 - and halting this project shortly)
  • Fill in Disease page, and add them to Category:Diseases
  • Templates for each of the games - in accordance with the Categories for Books by Game, Characters by Game, etc, etc :)
  • Move/Merge Category:Organizations and its subpages into Category:Factions and subpages.
  • Remove Category:Images_from_UESP be creating own Screenshots. - Begun, but havent got far yet
  • Add Skill Books! - Partially addressed in the OblivionWiki merger (excepting Morrowind Skill Books)
  • "Races" pages - severe update needed
  • "Deities" pages - severe update needed
  • "Daedra" pages - severe update needed
  • Morrowind Game Guide - Category:Quests in Morrowind - Rename Quests and use the game guide as a reference (Project Halted: Need the game guide for this project)
  • Add additional information about Characters using this guide as a reference (similar to Fallout Wikia)
  • Separate the Faction pages into those of each individual game, i.e. Thieves Guild (Morrowind), Thieves Guild (Oblivion), Thieves Guild (Skyrim), etc.
  • Magical School's pages -> Copy Spells list to, for instance, Alteration (Oblivion) ?
  • Prepare for OblivioWiki Merger - Characters / Locations / Quests / General Pages, etc.
  • Change the Books pages to look like those of the Oblivion books pages (part of Merger Project)
  • GAME BOX/BALL THING LIKE IN FALLOUT WIKI: (i.e. VB for Van Buren info).
  • Use the Overlay Template on the Skyrim Map
  • Preload Templates:
  • "What Links Here" Page for Disambigs: Link them to their proper location
  • Pages and Categorisation for Skill pages. Include Skill Books and Trainers in this, too. (Especially previous Elder Scrolls games).
  • Add <Game>: Skills category to relevant pages, i.e. Morrowind: Skills, Oblivion: Skills, etc.
  • Split up pages where necessary, and create disambig (for different skill types).
  • Overhaul the The Elder Scrolls Wiki: pages. (e.g. The Elder Scrolls Wiki:Manual of Style needs a massive overhaul.
  • User:Timeoin/Pages - Clean up these pages. (Either create pages for them, or else, redirect to them. (Wanted Pages). Orphaned Pages: Create links for these.
  • Page name irregularities. Example: Letter from Branwen and Letter From Calcemo (Many more such examples exist)

2012 Goals:

  • Remove Redlinks
  • Improve quality of articles overall across the Wiki.
  • Templates on 90% of the pages on the wiki. (Every page that features in a game, however)

Skyrim To Do List

  • Skyrim Task List
  • Add Template:SkyrimCharacters to all pages in Category:Skyrim: Characters Complete as at 24th November
  • Create Template:SkyrimLocations
  • Add Template to all pages in Category:Skyrim: Locations (Underway: Completed up to Faldar's Tooth)
  • Add images (like the one in Template:Settlements to the doc page for above category. i.e. type: <image for settlements> Settlement
  • Uncategorised Pages
  • Merge Pages
  • Candidates for Speedy Deletion
  • Dead-End Pages
  • Orphaned Pages
  • Double Redirects
  • Stubs
  • Overlay Template:
  • Anything else?
    • Fix Dragon Language page
    • Standardization of Pages: Capital letters on all page titles, etc.
  • "Navigation" Template for the Holds (use style from
  • MenuBar Dropdowns: Needs to have a heavier focus on Skyrim (for the next few months)
    • Expanded Menu Option is required, too :)
  • Creatures Pages:
    • Example: Draugr Overlord: Page with basic information (and template) -> However, links also to Draugr for more detailed information (such as varying types)>
  • Go through massive pages, such as Dragons and refine if needed
  • YouTube videos -> Should not be listed as such, instead, use Piping (i.e. links [|here]
  • Check whether we can use walkthroughs on "Main" pages (i.e. embedded videos for skills, enchanting etc)
    • No walkthroughs hosted, but can link to them. (confirmed by Wikia Staff)
  • Vandalism Watchlist ?
  • Characters Characterization:

Morrowind Pages

Add pages for Morrowind Armor:

Armor (Morrowind) - Every other type

Weapons (Morrowind)

Updating Morrowind information

  • Arrows
  • Axe (One Handed)
  • Axe (Two Handed)
  • Blunt (One Handed)
  • Blunt (Two Handed)
  • Bolt
  • Long Blade
  • Marksman
  • Short Blade
  • Spear

Maintenance Pages

Low Priority:

  1. Special:UncategorizedCategories
  2. Special:UncategorizedFiles
  3. Special:UncategorizedTemplates
  4. Special:UnusedFiles – Can be used to find picture needing to be added in the Category:Image Needed Cateagory.
  5. Special:WantedFiles – Cleanup/Find/Copy from Skyrim Wiki
  6. Special:WantedCategories – Some to be added, others to have the proper category added
  7. Special:WantedTemplates

  • Wanted Files: Currently 251
  • Wanted Categories: 351 (Due to Redlinks being removed from Categories)
  • Wanted Templates: 160
  • Unused Templates: 189


Add pages about the various Quests in the games:

Mages Guild - stub pages created so far for all members in Balmora, Ald'ruhn, and Caldera. Now also done: Vivec City and Sadrith Mora. (And then add details to the pages) after making it so that links can be made to the characters in the Guild Halls!


  • Add Major NPCS for both Morrowind and Oblivion
  • Add Categories to list them by Faction/Affiliation (i.e. Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, etc)
  • Category to list them by the games in which they appear. i.e. Characters in Oblivion, etc.

Other areas?


Septim Bloodline:

  • Emporers, etc
  • Mothers/Fathers/etc ? - to be added - and pages created for them.

{C}Reman Bloodline / Dynasty

(Create succession template)

Direnni Bloodline

Camoran Bloodline / Camoran Dynasty ?

Empires / Major Events

Succession Box needed for the following:

  1. First Empire / Skyrim Conquests
  1. Alessian Order (Slave Uprising)
  1. Direnni Resistance / DIrenni Hegemony (?)
  1. Thrassian Plague ?
  1. War of Righteousness
  1. First Akaviri Invasion
  1. Reman Dynasty / Empire
  1. Akavari Potentate
  1. Interregnum (Includes Second (?) Akaviri Invasion
  1. Septim Empire
  1. Fourth Era



  • Daggerfall
  • Tanto
  • Shortsword
  • Wakizashi
  • Broadsword
  • Sabre
  • Longsword
  • Katana
  • Claymore
  • Dai-Katana
  • Battle Axe
  • War Axe
  • Staff
  • Mace
  • Flail
  • Warhammer
  • Short Short Bow
  • Long Bow
  • Types: Iron, Steel, Silver, Elven, Dwarven, Mithril, Adamantium, Ebony, Orcish, Daedric


  • Wolves, Bears, Giant Bats, etc -> Can be harmed with any weapon type
  • Imps -> Can only be harmed with Steel weapons or better
  • Werewolves, Ghosts, Nymphs, Vampires, Wraiths -> Can only be harmed with Silver or better
  • Harpies -> Only harmed by Dwarven or better
  • Ancient Vampires, Liches, Gargoyles, Daedra -> Harmed by Mithril Weapons. (higher than Harpies)

Cyrodiil Roads and Natural Formations:

Shivering Isles:

Natalia Dravarol, Cartographer.

Knightly Orders:

Daggerfall: (Source:

  1. Knights of the Wheel
  2. Knights of the Flame (Anticlere)
  3. Knights of the Dragon (Daggerfall)
  4. Order of the Raven / Knights of the Raven (Check official name)
  5. Knights of the Owl (Glenpoint)
  6. Knights of the True Horn (Lainlyn)
  7. (Adventurers of Orsinium) (Orsinium)
  8. Knights of the Hawk (Santaki)
  9. SCOURG BURROW -> Mantimarco's lair
  10. Knights of the Moon (Sentinel)
  11. Knights of the Scarab (Totambu)
  12. Knights of the Rose (Wayrest)

  • Camoran / Lysandus - Late kings, who started the Daggerfall main quests...
  • Many more names mentioned in Lore Books are present in this game ...

Penitus Oculatus

Infernal City

Lord of Souls


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