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Greetings, passer-by![edit | edit source]

I am just an average player who wants to improve the wiki by adding articles. As I am someone who like to accomplish as much as possible during my gameplay (collect all the collectibles, complete all the quests, etc), it is highly disappointing for me to find out that some of the articles lack the necessary information. Therefore, I try to add the stuff that I encounter in game to the wiki, not only to get moral satisfaction from adding information to blank articles but also possibly helping others.

Attainments[edit | edit source]

19 Sai's Affiction Badges:

  1. 1,674,000 – Mabrigash Burial Circle
  2. 1,682,000 – Font of Schemes
  3. 1,786,000 – Veyond Wyte Wayshrine
  4. 1,801,000 – Lillandril Steel
  5. 1,803,000 – History of the Fighters Guild
  6. 1,809,000 – Category:Online: Dropped Sets
  7. 1,816,000 – Buried Memories
  8. 1,819,000 – Ma'Jidarr
  9. 1,830,000 – Shadowfen Treasure Map VI
  10. 1,831,000 – Stonefalls Treasure Map III
  11. 1,841,000 – File:Enchanter Survey Wrothgar I.png
  12. 1,843,000 – File:Ginseng Online.png
  13. 1,849,000 – Drakeeh the Unchained's Journal, Page 17
  14. 1,878,000 – Template:Weapon
  15. 1,889,000 – Wyress Calysa
  16. 1,896,000 – Sergeant Zilu
  17. 1,950,000 – Category:Greymoor: Shops
  18. 1,962,000 – File:King's Haven Pass Loading Screen.jpg
  19. 1,989,000 – Aspect of Speed

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