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  • My occupation is Varied Artist
  • I am Female

About meEdit

I'm just an Elder Scrolls fan. And yes, I AM a female gamer. I don't game as often as I'd like to these days, but that's life.

Sadly I'm a new fan who didn't get into this when it all started, even if I was a kid then. I sure would have loved Daggerfall or Morrowind when it came out, at least. I'm enjoying playing each game as I can. Now if only I could get into Arena... hard to play but I feel like I can't be a true fan without at least trying. :P

Meanwhile I'm an artist who is trying to learn 3D modeling while getting my Bachelor of Science in Graphic design.

Skyrim FanfictionEdit

Please check out my Skyrim Fan-fiction series: Out of Place If you have a deviantART account, it's located here: Click Me. This fan-fiction is intended to read like a real novel, but from the perspective of a woman from our world who was transported magically to Nirn, and specifically, the province of Skyrim.

I try to be historically accurate as well as game accurate. I try to pull what I find from the game. The wikis I use are more of a "last" source, for things like the calendar and ensuring holidays are on track. I even research the food! I found some great medieval recipes. I will actually try to post easy mead recipes for you medieval drink lovers out there, including non-alcoholic versions.

How to make your own signatureEdit

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So I say I'm a gamer. And not just a gamer, but a female gamer. *Gasp* We do exist. Until I get my dream laptop, I'll be sticking to lower end games and higher end games with low settings. Why a laptop? Portability. Even with a high end laptop & an eGPU, I will want to hook it up to any giant flatscreen to enable a better gaming experience. It's also handy when I create artwork (my usual excuse for great graphics), but honestly, I want to appreciate games this way. The games I have played so far are lower end but widely popular Asian games. I've also played the Guild Wars trilogy, but not GW2 yet.

And then there's just about every TES game available, but I'm slowly working my way through the earlier games. Yes, the older games (minus Arena) are modded graphically. I can't handle Morrowind's lack of female beauty, so I needed to do something about it. Oblivion looks uber smexy with the more recent graphic mods as well, including Skyrimized waters. And I may or may not have created a Xena character in Oblivion because I'm a total geek and was slightly influenced by her growing up. I mean uh.... what? Did you say pie? Yes, let's have pie. *Totally side-stepping the subject here.*

Games I want: SWBF2 (I have a special history with SWBF), more hack & slash games related to fantasy or medieval (but not Dragon Age-- sue me), and a decent Dragon Lance game. Yes, I know it doesn't exist. So far no one has created a decent D&D game, and with me being a total Raistlin/Companions fan (the original Companions) I'm livid that it doesn't exist. So many amazing opportunities have been passed by. This is probably the reason for my love of Skyrim. It's the closest thing to Dragon Lance. I even console-created hooded black robes and would often use lightning in memory of Raistlin, my favorite mage antihero. Am I sad? I probably am. I just don't care.


As I continue on TES Wikia, I hope to bring quality edits to the community. I find that not enough pages are done in the correct format. The admins have told me the correct format, and I am working on perfecting my technique.

Helpful scribing codes:Edit

  • {{ALLPLAT} works for typing all platforms at once.
  • {{PS3}} {{XBOX}} {{PC}} works for individual platforms.
  • {{Attention|comment here}} for adding attention to a specific issue, such as you/I issues, grammar/spelling, or needing confirmation/citations.

Why third person is important:Edit

One thing I would like to pass on is for other contributors to ensure pages are done in third person, and have useful headers. Typically we include the basic bio before any headers, but afterwards using headers such as "personality," "interaction," "trivia," and "bugs" are acceptable. When using third person, these headers become much more useful. The headers display topics more clearly, and third person, along with concise writing, allows the ES Wikia to sound more professional. And why wouldn't we want TES Wikia to sound more official? Just because we're all gamers doesn't mean we have to present pig slop. While here, we may write about the games, in the real world we can present quality work to employers, if writing applies.

Trivia and how to add it:Edit

For trivia, don't put things like "Ysolda has one twin bed" because that's useless. Over half of Skyrim has twin beds! Heck, over half of Tamriel has twin beds! Clearly this isn't new. Something more specific like Farkas having a lute, alluding to his voice actor, is more legitimate. Trivia should be easter eggs. Sheogorath talking about fishy sticks, or M'aiq and things he mentions, those are good trivia. Basically, Trivia should be about uncommonly known facts.

Better writing technique:Edit

I know that writing in English may be a second language and therefore difficult for some contributors out there, but when I make edits, sometimes I change the grammar and overall tone of the page. I feel my edits in this case are important because writing is actually a strong point for me. If anyone wants credentials, I have written many A+ essays for difficult professors, where a C there was an A+ anywhere else. Thank you, private college. Many professors in my previous and current college have raved over my writing, from the details to how well I've blended paragraphs. I've also published one article, and even though it was for a scifi fanclub newsletter, they cover several cities and are very well known.

I don't say this to brag, but to share the fact that, besides having a former English Composition professor as my dad, I can hold my own when writing quality. Wikia pages are almost like essays. They need to have a certain flow, therefore require a certain tone to give it higher quality. I'm not the best writer out there, but I can sure bring my experience and knowledge to help others.

If some of you come across an edit I created, and that edit changed your grammar or wording, don't be angry with me. I've learned that others can add to my own work and do a wonderful job. But when I edit, I also let one of the admins know what I changed, so that if they have something further to contribute, they can make changes also. Therefore, I don't rely on my own work. I let someone else critique it also.

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