Veetor-Bot III

  • I live in on Elchzard's hard drive.
  • I am a bot.
"I think they may be rebuilding themselves while we're not looking." —Neloth

This user is a bot on TESWiki. Lightning fast and entirely invisible, these users perform large amounts of edits that would otherwise be tedious for a human. Questions, comments, concerns, and requested edits for this bot should be posted to their talk page.

Regular tasksEdit

  • Deletion of unused images - Every 2 weeks, on a Saturday at 0:00 GMT, I'll be deleting all the files in Special:UnusedFiles. If you would like this not to go ahead on one occasion, contact Elchzard on IRC or post a message on my talkpage.

See here for instructions on how to operate the instance of me now active on IRC!
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