• I live in Portugal
  • My occupation is Audiovisuals
  • I am Male

Greetings <insert name here>!


The first time I played ESO was in November 2017.
In mid 2018 I stopped playing and played other games.
In March 2019 I started to play ESO again with a new character. I found this wikia and start to helping with missing contents.

Week's Notable Contributions:
Favourite games:
  • Last of Us
  • Mass Effect (Shepard series)
  • Destiny 2
  • The Elder Scroll: Skyrim
  • Dead by daylight
  • Kingdom (series)
  • Heart of Darkness

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It's easier to correct some mispells than write a book

My contributions consist in adding all sorts of content from the game to the wikia.


Quests Edit

Adding all kinds of content to Quest's Stub Pages.

NPCs: Civil Registry Edit

Adding all kinds of content to NPC's Stub Pages. Current: Sentinel

Treasure maps: All treasures maps have a (hq) image.
Survey Maps: All survey maps have a (hq) image.
Collections: Create the collections page and it's sub pages.
Sandbox's links
Skill Table test
Source Code

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