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Hi guys, i love the Elder Scrolls series and hope to be able to add to this wiki as best as i can.

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Here on TESWiki and all around Wikia, I enjoy writing blogs and contributing to this wiki. My first game in the series was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and I havent looked back since, I have bought The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and I am currently making plans to buy The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

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Current CharractersEdit

These are my current character and there back stories.


Race: Argonian


Class: Saboteur

Current Residence: Honeyside

Werewolf 2

Cobra in his Werewolf Form

Story: Cobra was born in Stormhold, and given by his family to the King of Argonia to be trained in serving Black Marsh with un-wavering loyalty. He rose through the ranks quickly, unlike anyone else before him, and so was tasked with the greatest challenges of all by the King.

He became a werewolf by choice and rose to the rank commanding agent of the An-Xileel in Skyrim. After being instucted, by the King of Argonia, to pave a way for the argonians to invade Skyrim via Morrowind, he set out for Skyrim. And he first needed to smuggle his way into the province without arousing suspicion.

He decided that the best way into the province was to pose as a prisoner. He was 'captured' by the legion trying to cross the border into Skyrim from Cyrodiil. And was to be executed by the legion, but just as he was to be executed a dragon attacked, which gave him the prefect cover and was able to escape.

He is currently spying on the Legion and its commander in Skyrim, General Tulius, as they have won the civil war with supirior numbers and millitary disipline. Through the legion Cobra was able to kill Ulfric Stormcloak so to rid Skyrim of a great battle comander and rid Windhelm of his coldness towards the argonian people living there.

This has created a staging point for the argonians in Windhelm to take the city from within, so to hopefully have a forward operating base for the argonian invasion force.

Cobra has also made contact and assassinated the leader of the Thieves Guild to become its leader. By using the guilds influence to slowly manipulate the economy of Skyrim so when the invasion arrives, the economy will be too weak to be able to sustain a large enough army to combat the threat. Hopefully this will create a the swift end to the nord rule of Skyrim.


Cobra's favorite Sword

Cobra joined the Dark Brotherhood as he found out that they were going to aid in his goal to weaken the defence of Skyrim by killing the Emperor. He was able to succeed and the rule of the Empire is now is chaos, and also has made it easier for future conquests by the Argonian King and possibly the birth of the new Argonian Empire.

Durring his Conquest Cobra saw the need to combat the Vampire menace threatening the whole of Tamriel. He joined the Dawnguard and became good friends with Isran there leader, and with his help was able to Kill the leader of the Vampires, Lord Harkon. He has done this to hopefully have a force ready for covert operations in skyrim when the invasion gets underway. And so to destroy a great threat to argonia, the vampires.

After this great threat was delt With, Cobra is currently carrying on with his mission of Subverting the defence of Skyrim.

'Long Live the King, long live Argoina!' -Cobra

Sissithik the FearedEdit

Race: Argonian


Class: Mage

Current Residence: Castle Volkihar

Story: Sissithik, was born in the wilds of Argonia and was brought up by a powerful shaman. After learning all he could from the shaman, Sissithik killed the shaman so to be feared by the local populous. Eventually, Sissithik was driven out of Argonia for his crimes. Wanting to gather more power, Sissithik traveled to Skyrim as he had heard of the College of Winterhold were teaching those attuned to magic.

As he traveled, he was captured for his crimes and was scheduled to be executed. He lived 4 years in prison and waited to be executed due to a clerical error. He was finally taken to Skyrim by carriage to be executed as the King of Argonia didn't want Sissithik's sprite to haunt Argonia.

As he was about to be executed a Dragon attacked and he was able to escape. He traveled to the College of Winterhold to be taught more about magic. After years of study, Sisithik was able to become the Arch-Mage of the college and has become more powerful then ever.

He has made contact with the pure blood Vampires of the Volkinhar clan and became one of there ranks to try and gather more power so to try and quench his thirst for power. He is currently campaigning against the Dawnguard.


Race: Argonian


Class: Soldier

Current Residence: Windstad Manor/Proudspire Manor

Story: Bunish is the brood brother of Derkethus, a was hatched in Falkreath, their mother abandoned them shortly after them hatching and from this young age they have been forced to fend for themselves. They became miners at dark water crossing, but after being framed for his brothers murder by Stormcloak solders, Bunish had to run for the border of cyrodil, but was caught by imperial solders thinking he was a petty criminal, and was taken to Helglen to be executed. Just before the execution was to take place, helglen was attacked by a dragon. Bunish was able to escape but wanted to exact his revenge on the Stormcloaks.

He traveled back to dark water crossing and was able to find his brother in dark water pass after killing the solders that framed him. After reuniting with his brother they traveled to Solitude and joined the imperial legion. Under the Legions orders, Bunish and his brother did many different task for the legion, like destroying the bandit stronghold at Japhets Folly, defending Solitude from an undead queen, and striking back at the Stormcloaks.

The Legion ordered Bunish to help with the Dawnguard and the quest against the vampires, after seeing signs of there increased destruction, and the more organized raids against the cities. Bunish found the Dawnguard and with there help was able to destroy the main vampire clan in Skyrim, and there leader Lord Harkon at the battle for Castle Volkinhar. With there destruction, the vampire threat was no more.

Shortly after the battle for Whiterun and showing them selves as being exceptional solders, they were contacted by the dark brotherhood to be recruited as contacts. This was after successfully covertly killing Grelda the kind after evidence came of her mismanagement of the orphanage, this evidence was to be used for propaganda against the Stormcloaks.

They reported this message to commander Maro, of the Emperors personal bodyguard. They set out to find the Dark Brotherhood and there sanctuary, Bunish and his brother were able to destroy the dark brotherhood and any hopes of reformation as commanded by Commander Maro.

After this the legion has ordered Bunish to continue engagements against the Stormcloaks and Ulfrik. The long war came to an end at the battle for Windhelm, the Stormcloak capital, Bunish was able to destroy Ulkrik and his cause. With the high rank of Legate of the imperial legion, Bunish was given more orders by General Tulius, find a way to protect the people of Skyrim from dragons.

With this Bunish traveled to find the Greybeards, the Greybreards didn't want to have a war with the Dragons, so Bunish looked elsewhere. He found Delphine, the acting grandmaster of long outlawed the Blades, with her help, Bunish was able to reform the order, and bring the fight to the dragons. He found were their leader, Alduin, was hiding and traveled to Sovernguard, were he defeated Alduin.

He returned to Tamriel and was Greeted by the second in command of the dragons, Who with most of the other dragons in Tamriel, swore fealty to Bunish. With this, Bunish reported back to the legion to tell them that, the Dragons were defeated.

His next orders were to find pockets of resistance of the Dragons, Stormcloaks and Vampires. but was free to take leave for as long as he wanted, for he his great valor, until ready to come back to service.

With this leave he has joined the companions so to enjoy drink and merriment as he saw in Soverguard and to share stories of his glorious battles.

Hulgard AumsiEdit

Race: Nord

Gender: Male

Class: Warrior

Story: Coming soon

Bagamul ShagrakEdit

Race: Osrimer

Gender: Male

Class: Warrior

Story: Coming soon

Avoni ThelasEdit

Race: Dunmer

Gender: Female

Class: Assassin

Current Residence: Severin Manor

Story: Avoni was born on Solstheim in Raven Rock. When old enough to leave, she moved away to make more money. She came to Windhelm and decided the easiest way to make money was to take it. She was caught and was to be executed with all the other windhelm prisoners, but was then caught again by the Empire. She was to be executed at Helgen when she was able to escape.

She decided to join the thieves guild so to improve her skills as a thief. She made a huge fortune to be able to gather more and more coin. After years of thievery, she was able to become the Guild Master of Thieves guild and brought the guild back to its original glory.

She return back to a crumbled and run down raven rock, and she did all she could to bring raven rock back to its feet. She succeeded to bring ravenrock back to a measure of prosperity and began to live there.

She was contacted by the Dark Brotherhood to become a new assassin in there ranks. She agreed as she saw that she could get paid a large amount of gold in the brotherhood. She is currently stealing and killing to gain more wealth.

Wiki ActivityEdit

All of these are Articles that I have Written or Rewritten:



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Current ProjectsEdit

Civil war overhaul modEdit

Ok so my plan is to make a mod so to make the civil war quest line feel more like an actual war.

First off I will have a huge increase in the amount of quests for the civil war. The induction into each faction will be the same but afterwords there will be a greater amount of quests to complete before each hold is taken. And by taken I mean an actually battle for each hold, much like the battle of Whiterun (but better) not just to be told that the hold has been taken.

First off I think there has to be a basic training bit and then a test of what you have learnt, after this you may take the oath.

When you are first inducted into the factions you will be placed under the command of an officer of the rank above you, and he will command a squad of men that you will be able to interact with and get to know better as the quest goes on, you will be sent out on patrol, sent on scout duty, defend/ambush supply caravans, send important messages, set up forward camps, fight skirmishes, defend/reinforce crucial positions, fort skirmishes/captures and finally to push the front line forward. These will have the possibility of failing and then the enemy will be stronger/ hold more ground/ have more men at the final battle for the hold. I was thinking to do at least 20-30 different quests before the first battle is fought for Whiterun hold.

Once you have reached the second rank, your commanding officer will be killed/reassigned and you will take command of the squad with a rookie to take your place. You will then be ordered to do the same things again as last time, but with the edition of covert operations behind enemy lines, help prisoners of war escape, and this time there will be 2-3 major battles to take the hold, 2 around the plains of the hold and 1 siege for the capital.

After the taking of the first hold has been done and you have reached the next rank you will be put in charge of 2-3 squads of men, you will do the same as before but you will be able to command your troops and to make them follow your orders, and you will be able to choose where your troops are housed(ie in different captured forts or in friendly hold capitals), you will also have the opportunity to defend a hold capital from forces trying to take it back.

Once you have done this you will become the second highest rank of your faction and you will then take orders directly from the hold commanders, they will tell you to assist in building/repairing defences and creating better supply routs in the region. You will also take on the responsibility of command the 6-9 squads beneath you and there commanding officers to go and go your (civil war) quests for you.

Once you have reached the highest rank, you will be charged with the planning of the battle of Solitude/Windhelm were you will have to send out scouts, move siege equipment to where there needed and for your troops to follow your orders, there will also be a bit added to each of the battles were you will have the opportunity to weaken the defenders by having a battle just outside of the city.

After the civil war is complete you will get the opportunity to repair Skyrim, such as rebuild ruined forts, build better roads, build walls for towns that don't have them and to increase the military presence of each hold(all these will require coin).

Plus after the civil war, there will be the ability to take care of the Forsworn with the army you have been put in charge of. With more quests, and more battles. For these you will be commanded by the highest ranking officer in Markarth.

I will also add in your own personal fort, the ability to build government buildings in each hold capital (such as a military barracks, trade house, imperial commission building, Khajit travellers lodge, east empire trading company outpost and treasury), military pay, more females in the Legion, more races in the armies in general and the ability to combat other threats apart from the main enemy.

And if Dawnguard is installed then there will be a choice to creat a treaty between the 2 sides of the war so to combat the threat of the vampires.

I will also like to put in quests to fine alliances for your chosen faction and having these alliances actually help in the war, with these alliances will be side quests to join existing factions and new ones as well. For example the Thalmor Justicars, the An-Xileel Rangers (Argonian political faction in charge of black marsh) House Redoran Guard and the Snow Elf Paladins.

The Thalmore Justicars are the force in Skyrim responsible for routing out Thalos worship in Skyrim, the quest line will involve a Maormer conspiracy to try to assassinate the ambassador in Skyrim, and her protection, with trying to find a traitor in Thalmor ranks and the routing of of Talos worship. I will utilise the Thalmor headquarters add quite a few more NPCs, like the commander of the Thalmor forces in Skyrim, his lieutenants and more. New enemies like Thalos conspirators and the secretive Moarmer. At the end of the quest line you will be able to command a squad of justicars. Plus if you choose the Stormclaoks I will add an ability to push the Thalmor out, either peacefully or by force.

The An-Xileel Rangers are the elite special forces of the An-Xileel army, the quest line will involve the tracking of a rogue shaman trying to create Were-Crocodiles, the spying of the regions more discriminating residents, the finding of Dunmer slavers and capturing/killing them, the setting up of an Argonian embassy in Skyrim, and the finding and destroying a Rogue Hist. I will have a camp of rangers probably in the Morthal marshes. I will add the leader of the rangers, rangers, the shaman, and more. The enemies will include the rogue Hist, hallucinating mercenaries and discriminating citizens and Dunmer slavers. Plus the possibility to become a Were-Crocodiles.

House Redoran coming soon

Snow Elf Paladins coming soon

I will try to make this mod as lore friendly as possible, and anything not lore friendly will still not look out of place in Skyrim.

Also if anybody is interested in helping me with this mod as it will take quite a bit of work is more then welcome to contact me on my talk page, be it for voice acting or actually helping with the mod themselves.

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