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Felesha NumaïrEdit

(Fell-E-Shah New-Meer)
Felesha Numaïr


  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 36 (4E 202)


.                           | Haafingar, The Pale, Eastmarch


Felesha is a master of stealth, and can remain completely undetectable in nearly any environment. She can pick any lock, no matter the difficulty, without breaking a single pick, and she can steal the clothes off a man's back without them even noticing. While preferring to duel wield both Chillrend and Grimsever in combat, late in her Skyrim adventures she has choose to dabble in other arts.

She has since mastered nearly every other skills, save for alchemy and speechcraft (by far the most tedious).

She is also highly skilled in the way of the Thu'um. She typically carries the Amulet of Talos, as well as his blessing. She knows all the shouts that can be found throughout Skyrim, and many ones from beyond.


  • Level: 79


  • Paarthurnax - Felesha frequently consults the Elder Dragon in matters of the Thu'um. Paarthurnax assists her in meditation of words of power.
  • Mjoll the Lioness - Felesha welcomes the knowledge of the older Nord warrior, and on occasion enlists her aid as a warrior during her adventures.
  • Aela the Huntress - Alea's knowledge of the beast blood had aided Felesha greatly in the use of the power of the wolf, though she has since relinquished the gift.
  • Serana - The Pure-Blooded Vampire had guided Felesha on how to survive as a creature of the night in the brief time of her having the gift, but ultimately Felesha cured herself of it.


What follows is a very long story. Be warned.

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