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The next year-long adventure for Elder Scrolls Online has been announced today in a Global Reveal Event. The Gates of Oblivion story arc will unravel the ambitions and schemes of the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon 800 years before the Oblivion Crisis.

As usual, the story arc will consist of 4 DLCs spanning all of 2021. The Flames of Ambition dungeon pack will be released on March, and Blackwood Chapter will be available on June. The second dungeon pack and the story zone are scheduled for Q3 and Q4 respectively, and will be announced later in the year.

Gates of Oblivion 1

Flames of Ambition[]

The Gates of Oblivion adventure begins with the Flames of Ambition DLC game pack, bringing two exciting new PvE challenges to Tamriel: The Cauldron and Black Drake Villa. It will be released on March 8 for PC/Mac and Stadia and March 16 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In these challenging new dungeons, the players will assault a shrine of Mehrunes Dagon in order to obtain a mysterious tome before it is lost to fire and ash. Players will be joined by familiar faces such as Eveli Sharp-Arrow and the outcast Dremora Lyranth. As usual, the dungeons include new unique items and collectibles, as well as challenging new mechanics. The adventures you live in these two dungeons will set up the path for The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood and the rest of the Gates of Oblivion storyline.

Flames of ambition

The DLC game pack includes:

  • The Cauldron: A new 4 player dungeon where players will help the outcast Daedra Lyranth face some cultists of the Order of the Waking Flame before they can complete their diabolical rituals.
  • Black Drake Villa: Eveli Sharp-Arrow needs your aid again to recover a mysterious tome before it falls into the wrong hands.


The Elder Scrolls Online's next Chapter, Blackwood, will continue the Gates of Oblivion adventure. It will feature over 30 hours of new story content, allowing players to explore the Cyrodiilic region of Blackwood. The marshy land of Blackwood reflects the cultural diversity of the region, where Imperials and Argonians coexists in a tumultuous situation. It will be released on June 1 for PC/Mac and Stadia and June 8 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Gates of Oblivion 2

This Chapter brings all-new adventures and features including:

  • A new zone: Blackwood
  • An engaging main storyline that ties into the Gates of Oblivion adventure
  • The new Companions system
  • A new 12-player Trial: Rockgrove
  • New world events: Oblivion Portals
  • New delves, public dungeons, world bosses, and stand-alone quests
  • Updates and quality-of-life improvements

Explore the Blackwood[]

Bordering Elsweyr on the west and Black Marsh on the east, the region of Blackwood is beset by Daedric influence. Help the people fight the hordes of Oblivion and the evil rulers who are taking advantage of the situation to establish their dominance.

The world map will include the Imperial City of Leyawiin, the Niben Forest, and the open wetlands of the Blackwood Bog. Some of the new characteristics coming with this Chapter include new stories and quests, challenges, and rewards not found anywhere else in Tamriel.

A Tale of Ambition[]

In Blackwood’s main storyline, players will investigate a conspiracy involving the deposed Longhouse Emperors, a short-lived dynasty of Reachmen Emperors, and uncover a deadly pact that will be the undoing of the people of Blackwood. Face the Prince of Destruction and thwart his attempt to invade Blackwood and all of Tamriel.

Gather New Allies[]

The new Companions system coming with the Blackwood chapter will allow players to recruit, travel, and fight with an ally NPC in almost all of their adventures. Unlike previous The Elder Scrolls games, the companion NPCs will have their own stories and character. Moreover, these unique warriors can be customized to your liking by levelling up their skills, and assigning customizable gear and combat abilities and behaviors. With the Companion system you will never feel alone again while exploring Tamriel.

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