We'll be streaming Bethesda's E3 conference LIVE tonight on Twitch, and this blog will be updated as things are announced. The pre-show begins at 9:15pm ET, with the actual conference beginning at 10:00pm ET.

If you want to watch it yourself, follow this link to Bethesda's Twitch stream:

  • Pete Hines gave more details about The Elder Scrolls: Legends.
    • A trailer animated in the Legends art style showing off some info about the main storyline of the game was shown.
    • He also presented some basic gameplay information, mentioning that even more people will be let into the closed beta.
    • Legends will be coming out for PC/Mac, iOS, and Android devices "later this year."
  • A remastered version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim called the "Special Edition" has been announced.
    • The Special Edition will be released for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on October 28th.
    • It will have significantly better graphics than the original version.
    • There will also be mods available for all platforms with the Special Edition.
  • Some new details regarding The Elder Scrolls Online have also been released.
    • The game will be launching internationally on June 23rd in countries such as Japan.
    • They also gave another announcement trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood, which is set to be released for Xbox One and PS4 on June 14th.
    • The game's leveling mechanics will be updated in the "One Tamriel" update this fall, so that locations and quests will be adjusted based on player level. This will also allow for members from any alliance to play any region, although PvP restrictions will remain unchanged.
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