Tune in to Bethesda's Twitch stream on Sunday, June 10th at 6:30 PM Pacific Time (9:30 PM Eastern Time) for live coverage of the company's annual panel at the E3 conference in Los Angeles.


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  • 9:30: The first thing we saw was a promotional video showing us employees working at the Bethesda Softworks headquarters in Maryland, with narration. Following that was gameplay footage from various Bethesda-related titles, including The Elder Scrolls Online, Doom, and more.
  • 9:43: Pete Hines came onto the stage. He first spoke about some of the things Bethesda has done recently, such as Skyrim VR, Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch, and ESO DLC. He noted that Metacritic ranked the company the highest in terms of overall scores across their games.
  • 9:36: A singer named Andrew W.K. came onto the stage with a band and played live music in honor of the upcoming release of Rage 2.
  • 9:40: id Software Studio Director Tim Willits and Avalanche Studios Game Director Magnus Nedford spoke briefly about how Rage 2 sends players to a dystopian, open-world wasteland, and then showed a gameplay trailer of the game, followed by pre-alpha footage of the game. We saw the player drive across the desert in Mad Max-esque vehicles, complete with fiery explosions. The video then showed us some of the first-person gunplay possible during combat. SMGs, shotguns, rocket launchers, you name it. We saw a little about the game's ability system and even a huge gorilla-like creature of the desert. It finished off with a few more shots of the game's vehicle usage. The game's release date was shown as Spring 2019.
  • The Elder Scrolls: 9:50: Community Manager for The Elder Scrolls: Legends Christian Van Hoose announced that the company will be re-launching the game with totally new visuals. It will also be available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Any progress you make in the games will be carried over to the console versions through your account. He noted that Apple awarded it "best of the year" in 2017. We were then shown a live promotional trailer for the game.
  • The Elder Scrolls: 9:55: ZeniMax Online Studios Game Director Matt Firor then came onto the stage. He spoke briefly about his enjoyment of the game and community, commenting that the game has over 11,000,000 players, with over a million of those coming in just the last year. In fact, ESO was named MMO of the year for the past three years, with the company recently putting out the Online: Morrowind and Summerset chapters. This leads us into the new DLC for the game, a dungeon DLC named Wolfhunter, based on werewolves. He then spoke about a new content DLC called Murkmire. He finished off his segment with a video of some of the game's most memorable moments and characters.
  • 9:58: We were shown a cinematic trailer of Doom Eternal, complete with a hellish environement, disgusting creatures, big guns, and of course some good old heavy metal. Executive Producer and Game Director Marty Stratton, and Creative Director Hugo Martin came onstage to speak about this game, a sequel to Doom (2016). He commented that there were twice as many "bad-ass demons" in this game. Stratton said that Doom Eternal will be spoken about in more detail at Quakecon in August 2018.
  • 10:02: Community Manager Joshua Boyle came onstage to discuss Quake: Champions. He said that he would "expand on our legacy as the original eSport" by opening up additional tournaments. For this week only, Quake: Champions will be available to all players as a free-to-play trial version before launch. If you download it this week, you can continue playing the game, even after the trial closes. We were then shown a gameplay trailer of Quake: Champions.
  • 10:07: Afterwards, we were shown a promotional video for Prey, revealing the additions of Story Mode, Story Plus, and Survival Mode to the game, all part of a free update in honor of the game's first anniversary. Following that came a gameplay trailer of what we would be seeing with the new content. Two of the developers then spoke about a new multiplayer mode, "Typhon Hunter," that requires "teamwork, improvisation, and a high tolerance for jumpscares."
  • 10:11: Creative Director Jens Matthies and Executive Producer Jerk Gustaffson at Machine Games came onstage to discuss how Wolfenstein II would be coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 29th. The new game in the series, Wolfenstein Youngblood, set in 1989 in Paris, pushes the story forward. It will be a "co-op experience. While you can play solo, you can also join in with a friend." We were then shown a cinematic trailer of the game.
  • 10:15: Pete Hines came back onstage to discuss two of the new VR titles from the publisher, Prey: Typhon Hunter and Wolfenstein: Cyber Pilot.
  • The Elder Scrolls: 10:17: Hines then introduced Bethesda Softworks Game Director Todd Howard (happy 25th anniversary at the company, Howard!). After some ramblings about E3's history, and a joke about what platform Skyrim would be on next, a trailer came up regarding just that. Keegan-Michael Key from Key & Peele acted in a trailer advertising an audio-based version of Skyrim on Amazon's "Alexa." This version was revealed to be the Skyrim: Very Special Edition, and would be available on the Etch-a-Sketch, Motorola Pagers, and the Samsung Smart Refrigerator. This is not a joke. Bethesda does not joke around.
  • 10:22: Howard began speaking about Fallout 76, a prequel to the other games in the series, noting that it will be four times larger than Fallout 4. He then followed that up with a trailer of the game (the same one shown at the Xbox conference earlier in the day). The trailer shown various shots of the game world with John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads" in the background. Todd Howard came back on, spoke briefly about the setting, and then another trailer came on, a pure gameplay trailer of Vault 76 announcing "Reclamation Day," when the player finally leaves the vault. Howard said that the game offers all-new technology for lighting, landscape, weather systems, and more. He spoke about how the game would feature six distinct regions, each with their own style and rewards. We were shown several completely new creatures and some concept art. He then confirmed that the game is "entirely online," but later said that "of course, you can play this solo." He described the game as "open-world, survival, and every character is real," also noting that he would think of it as "softcore survival," wherein death would not actually mean the end of the character. We were then shown yet another gameplay trailer with the series' classic 1950s-style narration. Howard commented, "Like previous Fallouts, you can play this game solo and quest, but the best way to play is to team up and survive together," and then another 1950s-style narrated trailer came on, discussing the new "C.A.M.P." feature, similar to the settlement-building feature of Fallout 4. Afterwards, Howard discussed his love of "dynamic game systems," and said that multiple nuclear missile sites would be placed on the map, with players capable of doing whatever they wanted with them. This transitioned into another 1950s-style narrated trailer discussing the significance of the nuclear weapons present in the game (one of the shots indicated that one city in the game would be Charleston, West Virginia). Howard spoke that he built a platform of "100% dedicated servers that will support this game now and for years to come." He announced that the game would have a beta (B.E.T.A: "break it early test application") to squash bugs, because "sometimes, it doesn't just work." The Fallout 76 Collector's Edition will come with a map of the world that glows in the dark, several collectible figurines. We were then shown a video with music overlaid showing a wearable helmet which would also come in the Collector's Edition. Fallout 76 will be released on 14 November, 2018. Howard also noted that this was the third anniversary of Fallout Shelter, explaining that it would be coming to the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch, on which it can be played on the joycons or the touch controls. It will still be free, and will be released for both platforms tonight.
  • The Elder Scrolls: 10:44: Todd Howard announced The Elder Scrolls: Blades, which, like Fallout Shelter, would be "an experiencing that we were not finding anywhere else. Blades, at its heart, is a pure Elder Scrolls game, a massive, first-person RPG with console graphics, but with a mobile experience." It contains procedurally-generated dungeons, and offers the use of both melee and magical combat, as well as a character creation system. Howard noted that the entire game could be played in either portrait or landscape mode. The game contains full outdoor areas as well as dungeons. Blades contains several modes of play, such as the "Abyss," and the "Arena," one-on-one battle against other players, as well as the main mode, the "Town," the hub for story and quests. The player character is a member of the Blades. Forced into exile, you must rebuild your home town with a settlement-building feature. Blades will be available on PC, consoles, mobile phones, and VR systems on all platforms. It will be coming to all platforms for free this fall. It can be pre-ordered now at its official website.
  • 10:51: Todd Howard announced the first game of "wholly original franchise," the first of the company in 25 years. The panel then transitioned to a trailer of Starfield, a game that the company feels "uniquely positioned to pull off."
  • The Elder Scrolls: 10:53: Todd Howard then continued on to show an extremely short trailer of The Elder Scrolls VI, showing a sweeping landscape shot.

Todd Howard interview

  • The Elder Scrolls: 3:02: Todd Howard briefly discussed The Elder Scrolls VI, noting that the game was currently in "pre-production" and is not currently playable.
  • 3:12: Howard continued to note that Fallout 76 would feature completely online gameplay, even if you are playing quests solo. He noted that there will be no NPCs in the game, although robots and creatures are present.
  • The Elder Scrolls: 3:15: Howard spoke about the Skyrim: Very Special Edition trailer featured in the E3 conference, and confirmed that it can actually be played from Amazon's Alexa. It can be enabled from Amazon's website.
  • 3:17: When asked about Starfield, Howard said, "What is the tone of science fiction that we think is unique, that really excites us? What would we really want to do in that kind of game? And, it being us, it would be extremely ambitious."

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The following games in The Elder Scrolls franchise are on sale due to E3:

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