Murkmire (Promotional)

Promotional image of Murkmire.

As of Monday, October 22nd, the long-awaited Murkmire expansion to The Elder Scrolls Online is finally available for PC/Mac players, as is the free Update 20 patch. The add-on will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 6th. Murkmire whisks the Vestige into the swampy depths of Black Marsh, where they will encounter a close look at vibrant Argonian cultures in a harsh, jungled environment filled with exotic flora and fauna never before seen in the game. The expansion also presents a wide variety of new questlines to complete, books to read, characters to help, enemies to kill, and lore to discover. It also features the Blackrose Prison, a four-person leaderboard arena offering a challenge to new and veteran players alike.

Murkmire can be purchased from the Crown Store for the price of 2000 Crowns Icon Crowns, or 4000 Crowns Icon for the Collector's Bundle. Players who log onto ESO for at least 24 days in November will receive the DLC for free.


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