In this blog I will be covering my opinions on the Dawnguard DLC and the Hearthfire DLC. Note this is coming from a PS3 player so it won't be a review rather a what I think about the wait (Dawnguard) and what I think about the content in Hearthfire. I will also be giving my tips on realistic roleplaying.


First off playing realisticly in Skyrim is actually very simple but it can restrict you in a lot of ways (you don't say!). So below is a list of ways you can easily play more realisticly if youu want to of course.

  • Eating three meals a day. Hey even the Dragonborn gets the munchies.
  • Sleeping every night even when you are not in town ( Camps of bandits, Imperials, Stormcloaks, etc).
  • Drinking every now and then. Even though you cant drink water in Skyrim you can drink mead, wine, or ale.
  • Dovahkiin druggie. If your character in Skyrim drinks skooma don't just drink it for stamina drink it for your characters pleasure and even go as far as to stealing and killing to fill his/her hunger for the addictive drug.
  • Wash yourself and your clothes. Imagine how bad you would smell going hundreds of days without bathing.
  • Turn off your HUD. Turning off the HUD removes the compass, crossairs, and the action button. Now you have a use for Clairvoyence!
  • No fast travelling or useing carriages.
  • Appearently milk has been added into Skyrim through the add-on of Hearthfire so you can drink that I guess! Once you get Hearthfire Milkman, you'll know what to do.

The Great Wait for Dawnguard

Now I've read multiple blogs about the wait for Dawnguard on the PS3 and read multiple comments. It seems that most of PS3 users complain that Bethesda is doing this on purpose and Microsoft is evil or that they think that the people at Bethesda are stupid and they wish to murder them (which is really gonna help!). Then there are PS3 players like me who don't mind too much and are waiting patiently. Now my advice to you the impatient PS3 players is to just accept that the DLC might not be available for PS3 at all and also get your head around the idea that Bethesda isnt evil and they are trying their best to help us. To the players that are waiting patiently like me I salute. Oh and to the Xbox players who say our console is inferior go eat a dick.


There are some people who think it sucks and others the oposite well I was one of those people who thought the opposite. To be honest I actually got more excited about Hearthfire when I first heard about it then I did when I first heard about Dawnguard. I love the fact that we can make a giant house and theme it the way we want. I got even more excited when I learned we could have children, stewards, and bards. I have been wishing for all these features for a long time and now I finally get them. I expect a thirty day wait due to the timed exclusive for Xbox. I also don't expect any delays like Dawnguard due to it being way smaller in size and less content. But to sum it all up I cant wait for Hearthfire!

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