I've noticed that there's a lot of new people to The Elder Scrolls series. I'm creating this blog so I can explain to the newbies about the many mysteries that have baffled me and other Elder scrolls veterans. I also created this to explore the things that are mysterious to me. Our first topic is the lands beyond Tamriel....

The Lands Beyond.......

Now what are the lands beyond Tamriel? These lands are rarely ever explored within the series or even visited at all. The first place is the land of the Akaviri. What are the Akaviri exactly? " Akavir, (meaning "Dragon Land" in the native Akaviri) is a continent lying some 4,200 miles to the east of Tamriel. It is the homeland of four

seemingly unrelated races collectively referred to as the "Akaviri", which is composed of the Snow Demons of Kamal, the serpent-men of Tsaesci, the Monkey People of Tang Mo, and the Tiger Dragons of Ka'Po'Tun. Little else is known about the continent or the people of Akavir, as few Tamrielians have ever dared to cross the vast ocean which separated it from Tamriel. It was believed that humans lived in Akavir at one time, but were eventually "eaten" by the Tsaesci, who have themselves launched several attacks upon Tamriel in past ages. "

There is very little known information about the lands of the Akaviri. The Akaviri are similiar to the Asian Region of the real world.

What do these Akaviri actually look like? There's only one actual picture portraying one of the Akaviri which are the Tsaesci (snake men). " It is not known exactly where the Men of Akavir came from, but some say they were

Akaviri 162
Nedic (or Nede) settlers like the ones that settled in Tamriel. This is entirely possible, because if the people of Atmora migrated to Tamriel, then they most likely also migrated to Akavir. Wherever they did come from, they are gone now, as they were eaten long ago by the Vampiric snake-people of Tsaesci. As mentioned before, eaten may not refer to literal ingestion - we simply do not know. " Many of the creatures and mean of the Akavir mirror Asian culture.

" The history of Akavir mostly involves legends and tales of battles between armies of Akavir and Tamriel. A mythical story states that a great Nord Warrior once traveled to Akavir and, with the help of a dragon, slew an army of Tsaesci." - Sounds like a DLC to me :)


Whats the next mysterious land? The once elven homeland of Aldmeris. Now this place is an extreme mystery.

" Virtually nothing is known of the Elven homeland. Its location, environment, politics, religion, and even its current existence are the stuff of conjecture. Translations from the tapestries and texts in the Crystal Tower of the Isle of Summerset have yielded only the barest of sketches of a beautiful but very strange land. In no representation of Aldmeris are there any trees or life but the Aldmer themselves. It appears always as an endless city, built upon itself over and over again, until no nature remains at all. The highest towers are reserved for interring the dead, a tradition continued on by the Crystal Tower itself. "

Blood ReaperBlog

"What had happened in Aldmeris since the elves who settled in Tamriel left is perhaps the oldest of all mysteries. For countless centuries, adventurers have sought Lost Aldmeris, only to return disappointed, if they return at all. Some say that Aldmeris was sunk into the sea by the angry gods of the Aldmer. Others claim that the elven homeland has left Mundus, and will only return when the races of mer are united as one. Legends say that there are still a few old wise elves that still live there, not wanting to go away, but none has dared to go to the Elven homeland."

This is the end of the first section. The next blog will be about the certain races like the dissappearance of the Dwemer....

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