If you are looking for a way to get into editing: read this. This will also be useful to anyone who edits The Elder Scrolls Online.

As you will all know, we have literally thousands of stubs for ESO. This is more likely to happen with ESO; there are literally thousands of NPCs, many of whom have no unique dialogue. However, they are all 'de-stubable'.


For an ESO NPC article to be worth de-stubbing, it needs to be worth reading. Therefore, if you can improve one by making sure it has the following things...:

  1. A quote
    1. If not, a line saying "This character has no unique dialogue"
  2. What they are actually doing. IE. Are they talking to another NPC? Are they always taking notes? Are they reading?
  3. Where exactly they can be found. IE. "They can be found by the city gates to the east of Daggerfall".
  4. All basic facts and stats in the infobox. Things like race and gender can be identified simply by looking at the NPC and their name.
  5. An image. Hard to do for console players, but can be done by anyone on PC.

...that'd be great.

"Crusader of Truth is a character who resides in box" is not enough. Above is the standard agreed in the Moot, 16/17 Jan, 2016.


  • Aseis– This is the minimum you'll ever have to write about an NPC. This is not a stub; no more info exists apart from her level.
  • Enaffir– Stub
  • Orthoron– Stub. Where in the town is he located? What is he standing next to? Does he have dialogue or not?

What you can do

Add this info!! Things like documenting an NPC's location does not require a PC, high graphics, or any editing skills. This stuff makes articles worth reading. A lot of information can be garnered from other online sources; this is a perfectly valid way of obtaining data. Also, if you see an article which meets these above, you can remove the stub template.


  • What you see above is for minor NPCs. Obviously, for characters with a major plot role, a far higher level of detail in regards to quests, dialogue etc. is required.
  • The same principle can apply to buildings in online. Where is it in the city? What else is of note?
  • Do this in source mode. Visual editor causes problems.
  • Use the category pages to find characters and NPCs en-masse.


Bronkiin (talk) 03:11, January 29, 2016 (UTC)