Hi everyone, I realize there's already a blog on how to extract audio files. But I'd like to share a method which I personally found a lot easier.

What you need

Starting the Creation Kit

  • Start the Creation Kit
  • Select File and Data...


  • Double click Skyrim.esm, Dawnguard.esm, Dragonborn.esm or HearthFires.esm. Select Set as Active File when wanting to open a DLC .esm file.

Finding the dialogue

Let's say I'm looking for a piece of dialogue said by Ulfric. In this case, I want the specific piece of dialogue "We're ready to march on Solitude, but the Emperor's cousin is getting married!".

  • Select Edit and Find Text.

A little screen will pop up, looking like this;


  • In the Search text bar, type; We're ready to march on Solitude, but the Emperor's cousin is getting married!

If you did it correctly, the Creation Kit should find that piece of dialogue. As you can see, here; Audioblog3

  • Double-click the line under Info text. It can take about 2-5 seconds for the dialogue screen to pop up, this is normal. In the previously popped up a screen, a list of dialogue will show up, including the line we're looking for.


  • Double click the line. The Topic Info screen will pop up.
  • In the screen, double-click the first line under Response Text. The Edit Response screen will pop up.

Alright, let's leave the Construction Set be for now.

Unpacking the .bsa file

  • Start your BSA Unpacker by double-clicking the BSAUnpacker.exe file. The BSA Browser screen will pop up.
  • Select Open in the bottom left of the window. A Select archive to open screen will pop up.
  • Navigate your way to your Skyrim Data folder. If you own the game on Steam, it should be; Program Files (x86) - Steam - steamapps - common - Skyrim - Data. When you've accessed Skyrim's Data folder, double-click the Skyrim - Voices.bsa file.

A window might pop up saying; This BSA archive has an unknown version number. Attempt to open anyway?. This is normal, select yes. It might take a while for the BSA Unpacker to open the file, this is normal, just wait.

  • After you've opened the file in your BSA Unpacker, select Extract all.

Note: I recommend creating a special folder for all the files first, as you don't want all these files floating around in your Downloads or Documents folder somewhere

  • Repeat this process for the Skyrim - VoicesExtra.bsa file.

Let's get back to the Construction Kit.

  • In the Edit Response screen, copy the piece of text in the Voice Filename bar. In this case, it's "CW_CWWhatsNext_001039B5_2"
  • Go into the folder you've unpacked the Skyrim - Voices.bsa file and the Skyrim - VoicesExtra.bsa file in. Access folders until you see this;


  • Paste the CW_CWWhatsNext_001039B5_2 in the searchbar. A .fuz file will show up. Copy it, and paste it somewhere you know you'll be able to find it. (Downloads folder, desktop, etc.)


The Yakitori Audio Converter

  • Install the Yakitori Audio Converter.
  • After installing it, open the audio converter by double-clicking the YakitoriAudioConverter.exe file. This window will pop up;


  • Select File and Open... in the top left of the window, or press Ctrl+O.
  • Navigate to where you've left the .fuz file we previously got from the unpacked Skyrim - Voices.bsa and Skyrim - VoicesExtra.bsa files. Double-click it.
  • The file will now appear in the Yakitori Audio Converter v1.3 window. Left of Mode, instead of Extract lip, select Ignore lip. By doing so, the converter will not include a .lip file with the .xwm file. That's good, as we don't need it.
  • Select Convert in the top left corner. A .xwm file with the same name will appear in the directory in which you've left the previous .fuz file after a few seconds.

Converting the .xwm file to .ogg

The Wiki will only allow the use of .ogg files in terms of audio, so we'll have to convert it.

Yes, the website seems shady. But I assure you, it's perfectly safe. It's only an online audio converter after all.

  • Select Select files... and From local computer.
  • Select your .xwm file.
  • Under Set convert options select OGG.
  • Click Download converted file. After a few seconds, you'll have the option to download your file in .ogg format.

Now, all you have to do is upload it to the Wiki, and add it as an audio quote.

"We're ready to march on Solitude, but the Emperor's cousin is getting married!"

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