aka my nick name is Kelly

  • I live in Corr na Móna, Ireland
  • I was born on February 25
  • My occupation is I help run my parents shop
  • I am Female
  • DeirdreKent101

    Hello Everyone, With all the new hype up for Elderscrolls Online I was wondering what will you play as? Will you be a roleplayer? Will you be a PVP-er, or will you just explore. This is my first real indebt rant so please tell me what you think. Im am going to rant about what i hope for the upcoming game.

    Since this is a MMO, their are bound to be people who like me love to set up their own charcters backrounds and lore, As a roleplayer i look forward to talking and devolpming the personality of my charcter, being able to interact with the world, and the npcs. What i hope is to be able to comunicate with players of the other factions, and not like world of warcraft were I cant talk in /say to them beacuse of the launge barior.

    Since we have …

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  • DeirdreKent101


    !!Lets all try to make our wiki better than ever before!!

    Lets all keep working hard to make this wiki somthing to be proud of, usp has allot but we got deticated people here

    so happy new year

    to the adminsters

    the patrolers

    the mods

    and every contributer out there who helps this wiki grow everyday

    !!Happy New Year!!!

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  • DeirdreKent101

    Which Daedra Lord.....

    December 29, 2012 by DeirdreKent101

    Do you think is evil or has hidden motives.....Or is hiding somthing for example

    Azura, she didnt tell you waht would happen if you destroy the tribunal, thus causing the minstery of truth to fall.

    Or Sheogorth, who doesnt tell you until the end that he is Jygalag.....

    Meirida could be her own way, she values life, yet she sends you to kill necormancers....

    Sheogroth....not really evil.....just crazy.....

    Though after playing and remebering all the Deadra quest (Morrowind,Oblivion,Skyrim). Allot of them seem to be using people for their own ends and they are very lazy...sending people to do their own  dirty work for them..

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  • DeirdreKent101

    Merry Christmas Everyone, I hope you all have a joyfull and fun christmas with your friends and family and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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  • DeirdreKent101

    Modding the Forum

    August 25, 2012 by DeirdreKent101

    Um i was wondering who guards the forum from people posting vulgur things like bad words?

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