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    Wikia's been hosting an "Epic Dragon Battle" on the Dragons Wiki. Show your Elder Scrolls pride and vote for Alduin here: Wikia's Epic Dragon Battle - Round 3.

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  • Deyvid Petteys

    In For a Scare?

    August 18, 2012 by Deyvid Petteys

    First there was Frankenstein, then there was Freddy Krueger; now, a nightmare, going by "Slenderman", has joined the night. Living or legend, the stories circulating the web are eerie and downright chilling. The so-called child snatcher sports a three-piece suit and spider tendrils. Some say his eyes are Xs, while others claim he has no eyes at all.

    Join in on the thrill by trying out the Slenderman video game. Remember Silent Hill? How about Amnesia: The Dark Descent? Similar concept. Tiptoe through a nighttime forest with only a flashlight and collect all eight pages before the Slenderman makes you his next meal.

    It's even scarier in the dark. Turn down the lights, pop in your earbugs, and crank up the volume. Whatever you do: don't look beh…

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  • Deyvid Petteys

    ing up a storm or working into the wee hours of the morning on an essay due tomorrow? GUNNAR has the solution with their Optiks Advanced Gaming Eyewear. "A technical eyewear solution that helps protect, enhance and optimize vision." as their information website reports.

    Sound like a Star Wars fantasy come to life? Look Terminator-y enough to actually wear? Well, you now have the opportunity to find out.

    Starting on August 15th 2012, TESWiki, through Wikia Gaming, is giving away three pairs of GUNNAR glass to our users. The first giveaways is an art contest. Paint, draw, or digitally design three unique Elder Scrolls inspired pieces. We will judge the best and decide who gets the glasses. The last two pairs will be given away through a lottery, me…

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  • Deyvid Petteys

    Joystiq reports that has finally released on Steam in English, Spanish, German, and French.

    Sad news for PS3 TESwikians. "We are not satisfied yet with Dawnguard's performance on the PS3,"" a spokesman for Bethesda said in an interview. How much longer will we be waiting for the highly anticipated DLC?

    Can't get enough of the Olympics? Wikia Gaming is hosting several events of their own. And our very own Shadowmere is a contestant. The vote closes today, so help us ensure that our beloved dark horse wins the race against Epona and others! Click here to vote!

    Update: Shadowmere won with a whomping 200 vote lead. Must be this blog and the other avenues of ceaseless advertisement I've given since the Olympics started. Cool piece of trivia for …

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  • Deyvid Petteys

    Bloggers Beware

    July 30, 2012 by Deyvid Petteys

    Due to recent conflicts between bloggers and readers of blogs, discussion of creating a blog policy unfolded. The consensus sided with the creation of a policy which would protect the blogging community from trolls, while tightening our grip around what the explorers of our wild and savage lands of self-expression can tread upon. Read the recently written blog policy here.

    Included in the policy is a detailed list of offenses which can cause a blogger or commenter to be blocked, as well as instances where individual blogs, comments, and comment threads can be deleted. While some special circumstances exist for how bloggers are blocked, most of the blocks issued will adhere to the block policy already in place.

    Installed already was an auto-d…

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