Now that Elder Scrolls Online has been online for some time and we have many new editors flocking to this wiki I would like to take the opportunity to emphasize the guidelines we have for especially images taken from the game, but also remind everyone of the Policies and guidelines and our Style and formatting guide for making more professional articles.

Character images

Link to the full image policy.
At our wiki we do have some image standards, especially for character images.

  • Images of characters should measure 600px W x 1000px H
  • Images should be in .PNG format
  • Images should be a full body image if possible
  • Images should be taken without any environment distractions that would otherwise take the focus off the character if possible
  • No UI on (User interface)

Now I know it is more difficult in Online to match some of the requirements as one can't stop the game, or use any commands as we can in the previous games. The character will not stand still as you wish, but mostly they are in some position when not being talked to. It will be a trial and error but mostly it is possible to accomplish this. Sometimes characters are on the floor like in the last example in which I have chosen to use the image size I use for location images.

A few examples:

Book images

We have always tried to have a transparent background for book images, this will need you to have a graphics program that can handle layers. It does look more professional with images like that but if you don't know how to do this, upload the image in .png and someone that can do this will eventually upload a new version later.

Location/quest images

For location images it is wise and better for the wiki if you have set on one image size and stick to it. It looks more professional if the images roughly have the same size all around the wiki. Both TombRaiser and I for example, have set on one size we use all the time. Have a look at what others upload but here are a few examples:


For maps it is quit easy as they have one size like this:

Uploading a new image version

For online there are many images uploaded already and many are still not used in articles. If you are thinking about uploading, why not search the wiki if there is a version already and if that version is not up to the standard policy, upload a new version not a new file with a new name.

User interface

First you have to bind keys so it's easy to remove the user interface, UI. If there isn't already a default setting for toggling the user interface on and off or you don't know where this is done I have an image here that shows where and how to do it. In my case I have used the keys F11 to remove the UI and F12 to take screenshots. You can choose the keys that you think are the best for you.

Bind your key for easy access

Editing guidelines

I will end this with a link to two of Jimeee's blog post he wrote when Dawnguard and Dragonborn were released, as he emphasizes other areas that I don't at this point.

If you have any questions about images feel free to ask me any time.

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