This post is based on the method explained in HaLo2FrEeEk's guide. Find it here. This post only provides a droplet that automates most of what is depicted in that guide.

  1. Follow Halo2FrEeEk's guide till you take the screenshot. I'd recommend FRAPS to take screenshots for the
    Aela 1

    Cropped Picture

    simple reason that you won't need to crop pictures, as it only takes the screenshot of the active window (in this case, the Creation Kit's "Preview" window). You can also use this freeware tool that does the same thing, basically, except that it takes a few more seconds to adjust the boundaries. It's free, tho, so do check it out. It's coded by HaLo2FrEeEk, so do leave him comments & suggestions.
  2. If you need to crop the pictures (e.g. you're not using FRAPS), do so. See picture to the right for reference.
  3. Download this droplet. You need Adobe Photoshop to use it. It's a .exe file, so feel free to scan it -I guarantee it's virus free, being the uploader, but please do so if you have any doubts.
    Aela 2

    Clean Version, after save.

For each picture you want cleaned, follow these steps:

  1. Drag the icons of the pictures you want "cleaned" to the droplet's icon.
  2. Save the result.

You should get something like the picture on the left.

Note: You might get grainy results or unprecise cuts. These are caused by low quality images. If you're using FRAPS, set the screenshot format to PNG.

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