I wanted to stop in and clarify a few points of the image policy, before the masses of editors come by and start uploading all their images to the new Dawnguard pages.

Quality is Key!

At TESWiki, we value quality. Quality edits, quality images, and quality people. We've got a crack team of patrollers and admins keeping on eye always open, but you, the editors, outnumber us 100 to 1. One thing I've noticed in the influx of new Dawnguard-related edits is a lot of less-than-stellar quality images. I understand that not everyone has access to the hardware required to take a decent screenshot of their game from the Xbox, and I kindly ask that for those of you that don't, please refrain from uploading "shakycam" pictures, or pictures taken with a regular camera pointed at your TV. These pictures will never be high enough quality. New visitors to the site might first stop in on a page with such an image, and since first impressions are everything, that visitor might not come back. We do have several people on the wiki that are capable of taking screenshots from the Xbox, and I'd like to call out for help from those people, we need you to do everything you can!

I want to keep this short and sweet and I already went a little over budget, but to reiterate, images taken with a regular camera will be deleted as soon as they're discovered, without warning or notice. We do this to increase the overall quality to this wiki, and it has nothing to to with singling you out. I'm sure you're an awesome person and that you understand why we've made this decision.


In case anyone thought I was kidding when I made the statement that I would delete, without notice, any images taken with a regular camera pointed at a TV screen that are added to pages...I wasn't. I've deleted two dozen or so images so far, and I will continue to do so as long as people continue to ignore this warning. Do yourself the favor, save yourself the trouble...just don't do it. If you upload a shaky-cam image and add it to an article, I will remove it from the article and delete the image, reuploading the image, whether you add it back to the article or not, will warrant a 1 day ban. This is the first warning, deletion of the image is the second, reuploading of the image is the third strike. Thank you for your cooperation.

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