Speculation about the next add-on can finally end. The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire has been confirmed as the latest add-on for Skyrim.

The add-on doesn't seem to be as expansive as Dawnguard, with entirely new locations and quests. Rather it focuses on purchasing land and designing, building and maintaining your own home.

Once a suitable plot of land has been bought, a drafting table and carpenters workbench allow you to design and craft every section of your home, room by room. Each room can be given a specific purpose - such as a library, armory or enchanting and alchemy labs. A wide range of furnishings are also available, such as divine shrines, stuffed animals and display cases.

Not only will the add-on feature building a house, it can be transformed into a home by adopting children with a new adoption mechanic. The option to hire stewards and a personal bards is also available. Owning a home comes at a price however, as you will need to protect it from Skeever infestations and Giant attacks.

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Hearthfire will be available for download for 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE on September 4.

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