aka Kitty

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on August 4
  • My occupation is Gamer
  • I am Female
  • KittyPaine

    On Oblivion

    March 10, 2014 by KittyPaine

    I've played Oblivion on 2 separate occassions both ending rather quickly. For 2 reasons. For the fact I cannot move when over encumbered, arrows weigh 0.1 pounds... And because of its convoluted map system, I had a very hard time finding my way around. Something that also bothered me was the Charm the Shopkeeper minigame, I just wanted to sell my loot!

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  • KittyPaine

    I did get a Beta test key and participated in one session. However since I have an older laptop with only 3GB of RAM I was forced to play on the lowest minimal settings to get a steady framerate. Because of this I found exploration very difficult. The textures were of course low res but the fact that I could see through walls is what made it so difficult to explore. I never even made it out of the tutorial area. Somehow I glitched myself out of bounds behind the walls in the cave area of the tutorial while trying to figure out how to reach a treasure chest I had spotted through some vines. I tried and tried to get back in bounds but ultimately just jumped into the void and commited suicide. After that I uninstalled what took days to downlo…

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