Zenimax Online recently announced that they would release an 'Imperial' Collector's Edition of the game that would include various physical and digital bonuses.

The package comes in two forms: Physical and Digital. The Physical edition includes all the digital bonuses plus a Molag Bal Statue, a Map of Tamriel, and an Elder Scrolls Lore Book, referred to as 'The Emperor's Guide'

Digital Bonuses

TheElderScrollsOnline ImperialEdition FamilyShot

Both versions of the Imperial Edition include special Digital Bonuses, at the forefront of which is obviously the ability to play as a member of the Imperial race. This means that you will be able to play as an Imperial in any of the three alliances, and that armor and weapons will have a distinctive Greco-Romanesque design, which extends to crafted items. Also, players will be given a unique white horse ('cough' Shadowfax 'cough') mount and a Mudcrab vanity pet. Finally, Players will be allowed to 'marry' other players, so to speak: They can choose to bind themselves to each other and receive significant XP bonuses while they are in a group together.

Zenimax has also recently released an Unboxing video of the Physical Imperial Edition, featuring none other than Laurence Schick.

Unboxing the Imperial Edition (PEGI)

Unboxing the Imperial Edition (PEGI)