Today marks our return to Skyrim on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. PC users who already own all DLC's and/or the Legendary Edition of the game will recieve a free copy, so don't go out and buy it again if you meet this criteria! While the embargo on review copies has kept us from truly knowing what's different about this edition, we do know that Skyrim: Remastered has recieved a number of graphical enhancements, such as:

  • Remastered Art and Effects
  • Volumetric Lighting ("God Rays")
  • Dynamic Depth of Field
  • Screen-Space Reflections
  • New Snow and Water Shaders

Alongside these, the inclusion of mods will be available for both consoles, but keep in mind, Xbox One and PC gamers have a FAR BIGGER selection to choose from than their PS4 counterparts. For example, as of launch, PS4 gamers only have access to thirty-eight mods and 1GB has been set aside for it, and Xbox One gamers have access to 119 mods with 5GB set aside. These mods can be attained by signing up for a ID and downloading it through them. For more information regarding system requirements, see our Skyrim: Remastered page here.

As always, stay mad. 

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