After teasing the release of something big with a few teaser trailers and a blog on their social media on the 29th, the Elder Scrolls Online website has officially confirmed a new DLC: Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind with a trailer. Included within this DLC are:

  • Over 30 hours of new gameplay
  • The new nature magic-based class Warden.
  • The largest landmass added at this point in time, with locations ranging from mushroom forests to Vivec City .
  • A new trial in the Telvanni Tower of Tel Fyr and the Clockwork City .
  • Brand new fast-paced PvP mode that pits 4v4v4 in an arena.

Preordering this DLC will net you the Discovery Pack, which contains:

  • Exclusive Warden costume – a costume for all classes that matches the Warden's outfit.
  • Dwarven War Dog – a unique armored (non-combatant) in-game pet
  • Treasure Maps – maps that reveal the locations of different troves in Vvardenfell.
  • Dwarven Crown Crate – a mystery loot crate with the possibility of Dwarven mounts, pets, costumes, etc. inside!
  • Experience Scrolls – Get a head start by gaining 50% more experience for two hours.

For more details regarding the DLC's along with the trailer, visit the official website .

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