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I'm sure that we've all encountered one or more bugs in Skyrim. Personally I haven't encountered any game-breaking bugs yet, though there are some issues I would like to see fixed. Aside from bug fixes, I'm sure that we'd all love to see certain new features in Skyrim!

Check out the list below to see some of my most-wanted features. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

  1. Fix the Blood on the Ice quest - This is without doubt buggiest quest in all of Skyrim. Some players can't finish the quest, others can't even start it! This definitely needs to be fixed.
  2. Quest item fixes - There are several items in the game, such as Pantea's Flute, that are marked as a quest item but remain in your inventory, even if you complete their respective quest.
  3. House decoration fixes - If you decorate your house by dropping items in it, there's a chance that your entire house will be a mess if you return. Not even your housecarl can fix that!
  4. Vampirism improvements - Like in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the vampirism system is still not perfect. For most players the becoming a vampire just isn't worth it, as you can't even move through sunlight.
  5. Hardcore mode - In Fallout: New Vegas, there was the option to turn on the so-called "Hardcore Mode". By activating this feature, you would have to sleep, eat and drink ocassionally to stay alive like in real-life. The hardcore role-players amongst us would love such a feature!
  6. A better companion system - Skyrim has a much better companion system than Oblivion, but it is still not perfect. Having hotkeys to issue orders would be a welcome addition, as well as more orders in general.
  7. Leveled quest rewards - You may level up, but your items won't. If you obtain a powerful quest reward early on in the game, it will be useless later on!
  8. Better marriage - Marriage was a fun addition, but it does not live up to its potential. An improved marriage system with more rewards would be great to have!
  9. Capes - A medieval costume just isn't finished without a nice cape!
  10. Co-op - What would be more awesome than venturing into the open world of Skyrim with a friend? Who wouldn't want to slay a dragon or clear out a dungeon with a friend?
  11. The Elder Scrolls VI!
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