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  • Nehpys

    This instructional guide is the first in a four-part series on how to install the older series of games (referred to as "The Older Scrolls"), , , , and .

    This article focuses on , the 1994 action-adventure role-playing fantasy game created by Bethesda Softworks. For its sequel, see Setting Up - The Older Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

    This guide is looked over by Nehpys regularly. New sections will be added, parts edited and shifted for maximum efficiency. A changelog will be kept at the bottom of the article, though not every change will be kept in-depth.

    • Edited: Lots of things. See Revision 17:56, October 3, 2018 to see the changes.

    • Edited: Paragraph dealing with downloading Arena. Arena is now open to download again from the Elder Scrolls website!

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  • Nehpys

    This is a work of fan-fiction, and is Non-Canon. This work was inspirited by the Apocraphic writings of Michael Kirkbride, a former Bethesda Game Studios writer, who worked on , , and , to name a few. I consider this in no way well written, and was generally for a short-time writing project (originally).

    This document also includes some fanon history (in a lack of information, or in ignorance of information). There are some factual pieces here, though they go un-referenced. It's probable at some point they won't.

    The following document was transcribed by Julius Czerk, during a class at the Pelagius Septim III Dedicatory College in the Imperial City, which was led by Royal ArchHistorian Maximillien Beign of Emperor Titus Mede I's Royal Court, …

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