Lusiogan walked into Whiterun, feeling absolutely exhausted. The townspeople looked at his strange appearance, taking in the tattered robes and the leather boots and bracers that were in absolute shambles. The townspeople seemed to back away from this lonely newcomer with a look of absoute melancholy but, Lusiogan didn't seem to notice. He just kept waling through the plains district until he came to the Bannered Mare, Whiterun's tavern.

Lusiogan sat down at the bar next to a large boasting Nord who was yelling to the bard to sing a song depicting his victory over a nearby camp of bandits. He looked to the bartender who was a nice Imperial woman who smiled earnestly at Lusiogan. He didn't return the smile.

"So where do you hail from stranger?", the bartender asked shaking off her previous jilting.

Without making eye contact Lusiogan replied,"I'm from the north. I've come seeking a warriors guild. Where can I find the great mead hall of the companions?"

The bartender began to respond but was interrupted by a loud scoff from the Nord beside Lusiogan. "You wanna join the Companions huh?... A scrawny runt like you?... You wouldn't last 10 seconds in a fight with a true warrior like me." he exclaimed to Lusiogan drawing the attention of the whole tavern.

For the first time since he'd entered the Whiterun hold Lusiogan smiled. He got up from his barstool and stood face to face with the Nord, who was at least a whole foot taller than him and much brawnier, and said, "You really believe that don't you? Well if you're so confident, then I guess you wouldn't mind sparring with me."

A large arrogant grin spread across the Nord's face, "This is gonna be fun. Not even the nine divines are gonna be able to save you now." The Nord got into a battle stance with his hands raised into two large fists.