Poisoned apples

  • I live in a very hard locked barrel in Fort Farragut
  • I am Speaker for the Black Hand
  • Bio What is the colour of night?
    Welcome home.

    "A poison stew, eh? I was always partial to apples myself."

    "The apple has been treated with a most deadly poison. It will likely kill whomever eats it, probably instantly. To use the apple, simply dispose of any other food and put the apple in its place. If someone is inclined to eat, and they taste the apple...death."

    About myself:

    Hi, I'm Poisoned Apples (pls pretend the 'a' in 'apples' is capitalized) but you can also call me PA or Apples for short. Or Poisoned. Whatever floats your boat.

    I've been on the wiki since January of 2017, and am your friendly neighbourhood TES Wiki News Team member.

    I live in New Zealand and probably always will. It's Middle-earth on Earth.

    I love writing, particularly in the fantasy genre, and I'm super into world-building. Speaking of which, this is my fantasy novel:

    I'm also into art, both digital and traditional, animation style and fine art style. Take a gander:
    Instagram (TES art and sketches): poisonedapples
    Instagram (landscapes, original works): katsanart

    Almalexia, Mother Morrowind (digital)

    The Rift (acrylic)

    Dragonheart (digital)

    Al-Esh and Chim-el Adabal (digital)

    Discord: Poisoned Apples#0674
    Talk Page:

    The Lore Post of Legend:

    After the Fire, Before the Storm: in which the Hero of Kvatch comes out of the ashes of the fires of Oblivion a different person and must prepare for the coming storm

    Part One - The Gate:

    Part Two - The Stones:

    Part Three - The Missing Pages:

    Part Four - The Third Dominion:

    Part Five - The Green Fire:

    Part Six - The Unsent Message:

    Part Seven - The Kiss Goodbye:

    Part Eight - The Crumbling Wall:

    Part Nine - The Stone's Vision:

    Part Ten - The Escape:

    Part Eleven - The Void Nights:

    Part Twelve - A New Life:

    Part Thirteen - The Storm Crown:

    Part Fourteen - The Book of Dragons:

    Part Fifteen - The Omens in the Clouds:

    Part Sixteen - The Gathering Storm:

    Part Seventeen - The Fire Sparks:

    Part Eighteen - The Scholar of Falinesti:


    Who was Lucien Lachance?

    Q: "Does Lucien Lachance sing to himself when he's alone in Fort Farragut?"
    "Mostly he just whistles and does jazz hands."
    -Wes Johnson on Twitter, 11/12/2014, 10:42 pm


    "Fantasy is escapist, and that is it's glory. If a soldier is imprisoned by the enemy, don't we consider it his duty to escape?"

    "Never be cruel, never be cowardly. And never ever eat pears!"
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  • Poisoned apples

    Alliance War is a card-based expansion for , with 104 new cards based around the conflict for the Ruby Throne in the Second Era, the same event is set in.

    Similar to last year's Houses of Morrowind, Alliance War features five new tri-colour factions with their own mechanics:

    • Aldmeri Dominion: //
      • Empower: When your opponent takes damage, increase the effect of your cards for a turn
    • Daggerfall Covenant: //
      • Mobilize: When placed in an empty lane, an item with Mobilize will summon a Recruit to wield it
    • Ebonheart Pact: //
      • Veteran: A creature with Veteran is boosted when it survives its first attack
    • The Empire of Cyrodiil: //
      • None mentioned
    • The Guildsworn: //
      • Expertise: A card with this effect will gain a bonus effect if an action, item, or support card is pl…
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  • Poisoned apples

    As of February 25th, and Update 21 has been released on PC and Mac!

    Wrathstone is a DLC dungeon pack, the first part of the "Season of the Dragon". In this part of the story, Tharayya, with your help, discovers the two Wrathstone tablets in two different dungeons, before Abnur Tharn uses them to open the Halls of Colossus and set dragons loose upon Elsweyr, as seen in the trailer.

    With Wrathstone comes Update 21, bringing a host of improvements, a new Battlegrounds map, PvP rewards and other features free to the Base game, free to all players.

    For a more detailed list of information on everything mentioned here, see PC/Mac Patch Notes v4.3.5 - Wrathstone & Update 21.

    Depths of Malatar

    • This dungeon is said to take inspiration directly from Garlas …

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  • Poisoned apples

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr, a new Chapter for is coming to PC/Mac, XBox One and PS4 on June 4 2019.

    It's part of the year-long story, known as "The Season of the Dragon". The Elsweyr Chapter will feature:

    • A main quest line interconnected with the story of the Season of the Dragon, as well as stand-alone quests
    • A new, long-requested Class; the Necromancer
    • Sunspire, a 12-player Trial
    • Updates and quality-of-life improvements
    • And fully explore the land of the Khajiit, Elsweyr

    The trailer was revealed during The Elder Scrolls Online - Season of the Dragon Reveal stream, however the next part of it will be shown at E3. Info on the various editions and how you can pre-purchase Elsweyr can be found here. Digital versions on PC/Mac will be early acces…

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  • Poisoned apples

    This was originally posted on the /d in June 2017. I felt that it needed updating (and much needed proper formatting).

    Disclaimer: This is all speculation. The basis of this theory lies in the apple so there is a very high chance that this is all completely off straight from the get-go. Which is what speculation tends to be anyway. There are spoilers for the Dark Brotherhood Oblivion questline, so if you wish to avoid these, you will have to avoid this entire blog post altogether.

    Lucien Lachance was a Speaker for the Black Hand in 3E 433, during the time of the Oblivion Crisis. He inducts you into the Dark Brotherhood should you commit a murder. All we know of him is that he is severely loyal to the Brotherhood and dedicated to Sithis.

    He cla…

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