The Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline continues with The Elder Scrolls Online: Stonethorn! Update 27 was also released alongside this new dungeon DLC for PC/Mac and Stadia (in select territories) on August 24, and will be live for console players on September 1.


Following Greymoor, Skyrim continues to be threatened by dark evils below. You and your team can face these evils in two new four-player dungeons, Stone Garden and Castle Thorn. There are new rewards which include unique gear sets, monster masks, Achievements, and collectibles. Not only can both dungeons be played in Normal and Veteran difficulties, Stone Garden's three bosses can be played in Hard Mode, a first for The Elder Scrolls Online!

Stonethorn is available in the Crown Store for 1,500 Crowns, and is free for ESO Plus members. Entering either of the two new dungeons grants you an Energetic Dwarven Shock-Spider pet!


Update 27

Update 27 is free for all players, and brings new features and improvements to the game.

  • Character Pathing – this is a new tool added to the Housing System which allows your pets, mounts, and assistants to move along a path that you set for them. There is room for plenty of customization as you can also set their speed, wait times, and have them loop back.
  • Performance Improvements – Update 27 improves on the physic engine, database caching, sever load handling, how persistent AoEs work, load screens, and more. Overall, this should mean fewer crashes, better server stability, and fewer random loading screens.


Stonethorn is the third part of the Dark Heart of Skyrim, and will lead to the final DLC in Q4, wrapping up another year-long adventure.

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