"Tumultuous times have come to the land of Tamriel. Five powerful factions have done away with their treaties and broken out into a full-scale conflict for the future of the continent." – Alliance War is Live!

Alliance War is a card-based expansion for The Elder Scrolls: Legends, with 104 new cards based around the conflict for the Ruby Throne in the Second Era, the same event The Elder Scrolls Online is set in.

Similar to last year's Houses of Morrowind, Alliance War features five new tri-colour factions with their own mechanics:

This update also comes with a new playmat, visual effects, 17 new titles, 6 new card backs, 22 quests and 4 new musical tracks which really freshen up the game. There have been changes to existing cards, from smoother animations to gameplay, and UI changes with a UX overhaul coming soon. Changes can be read about in more detail in the 2.9 Patch Notes.

You can earn Alliance War card packs through winning three battles and in Versus Arena. Because of the addition of Alliance War cards in Arena, there are changes being made to which cards are available in this game mode when you build your deck. Older mechanics and cards are being removed and added, all of which are mentioned in this blog post.

This is only the beginning, as there are three more card pack expansions yet to be released as announced at PAX East. It's going to be quite the year for Legends!

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