So I was just curious if anyone collects certain things in Skyrim, and if they do, what is it? I personally collect Blades Swords, Amulets of Talos and those broken weapons.

After getting a Blades Sword I then enchant it with something I feel would fit for the original owner, like the one I pickpocketed from Delphine I enchanted with Shock damage because I remembered hearing Elves were weaker against it and since she hates the Thalmor I figured it fit to have something that would do some added damage to them, I then changed the name to show it was hers.The one I found on Esbern, I enchanted with Absorb Magicka since he tends to use magic I figured it'd be a smart idea to have something that would absorb magicka since most mages i've seen don't use weapons unless you get close or they run out of magic. As for the ones that didn't have an owner, I leave them alone. The ones I got from the recruits? I have no idea what enchantment to give them.

For the weapons I give one half to followers I like best and travel with a lot while keeping the other part for myself. The halves I keep never leave my inventory, unless you know I get arrested or something.

As for the amulets, I hand one over to my Nord followers. I might be an Imperial Legate but No one is going to tell me who I can and can't worship. Besides, I only joined the Empire for Balgruuf

So, anyone have any things they collect?

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