Greetings! Julia from Fandom's German office here.

The Elder Scrolls Universe is constantly growing and attracts more and more players, on- and offline. That is why we think it is a great idea to ad custom-made videos to key "gateway" pages.

If we do this right, these will draw the viewer in, providing either a concise visual summary of the page in video form, or drilling into a particular facet of the given character, game or game element.

We would like to ask the community to help us prepare a short video script draft for The Dark Brotherhood. Our video team will produce a great video from this script using clips or stills for illustration. I talked to Atvelonis about this idea yet and I am sure this can be an interesting test.

So here's the ask: If you'd like to try a different kind of writing & editing experience, head on over to Dark Brotherhood (Skyrim)/video draft and help edit them to perfection.

We'd like to start producing in about a week or two from now, so plenty of time. :)

If you, dear Elder Scrolls Wiki editors, find you enjoy this new contribution option of script preparation we'll be working to give you more tools in the future. For now lets start with what we have in the form of on-wiki editing. :)