The Elder Scrolls Online: Stonethorn has been announced and presented during the latest ESO Live stream on July 9. It's the third Online DLC in 2020. It introduces two group dungeons, Castle Thorn and Stone Garden and is accompanied by Update 27.

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Stonethorn content

Stonethorn will bring two four-player dungeons. Castle Thorn is a lair of a powerful vampire named Lady Thorn. The Vestige will fight through her bloodthirsty armies to defeat her. Stone Garden is a laboratory, where Alchemist Arkasis performs dark and unthinkable experiments and where the Vestige will discover the secrets it hides.

Update 27

Update 27, like all previous updates, is completely free and will be available to all players. It brings performance improvements and an important update to player housing.

  • The update will include a patch that improves the impact of certain item set abilities, adds a new critical memory management system, fixes server task messaging. There is more and according to the developers, the fixes will improve the game stability and reduce load times.
  • It adds Character Pathing, a feature that will be added to player houses, which allows creating paths for pets, mounts and NPCs. The player can place nodes in the house and then pick the walk speed, add delays and decide whether the creature or NPC loops through to their original location, ping-pong back and forth along the path, or travel between nodes at random.

Check out the official preview: Stonethorn & Update 27 Preview.

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