The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms is a new tabletop miniature battle game set in Tamriel. It's officially licensed and made by the creators of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

Players have small armies of a champion, warriors and heroes, and command them against NPCs in various scenarios or against an army of another player, while completing Quests and Objectives. There are several factions, with more coming.

Currently, you can order the miniatures and physical rulebooks, but they won't be shipped until it's possible, due to the situation with coronavirus.

However, you can get free PDF versions of these (and one paid one), if you want to spend you time at home preparing for the matches you'll play when you get the miniatures! What's more, the template of the game dice was published as well.

  • The Core Rulebook (free) is the main book every player should own, because it contains the full game rules.
  • Escape from Helgen (free) is an introduction book that is useful especially for those new to wargaming, it contans multiple tutorials that describe the game step by step.
  • Dice set print n play (free) contains a template for printing or adapting your dice at home; it is forbidden to download it for commercial use.
  • Quest Book (£4.00 GBP) it contains information on different Game Modes and contains ready-to-play scenarios: 6 Battle Mode Scenarios and 6 Delve Mode Scenarios.
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