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Hey everyone, Crusader here with another Elder Scrolls news blog! It's hard to believe that we've made it to 2018 already. I don't have too much to cover right now; we have a new dungeon coming up for Online, Dragon Bones. If you were curious, Bethesda has stated that they will have three more DLCs and one full chapter added to ESO this year. I wish Bethesda gave me more news at the start of the month to work with. Anyway, lets get down to business!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Dragon Bones + Update 17

"Coming with Dragon Bones is an update full of quality-of-life improvements and additions, including at least one long-awaited feature that everyone who cares about their characters' appearance will love and the Homestead storage items I talked about earlier. We'll give you more details on this update when it launches on the PTS early (very early) next year."

Dragon Bones is a new dungeon expansion coming to Online. Along with it, Update 17 will be released. The Dragon Bones expansion will be free to ESO Plus members. Update 17 will include a new "outfit system," where you can customize your appearance, regardless of your look, two new battlegrounds for players with The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, home storage (about time), and a new level up system with skill advisers.

Dragon Bones will include a new location, Scalecaller Peak. "The burial site of a long-dead Dragon Priest is now overrun with diseased cultists harboring an evil agenda: to unleash the deadliest plague Tamriel has ever known. You and your team must journey to Scalecaller Peak, battle your way through the cultists and their followers, and put an end to this threat." The second location, Fang Lair, is a Dwarven ruin, to which has a master necromancer attempting to revive the bones of a long dead dragon.

As Update 17 and Dragon Bones get closer to release, Atvelonis is going to release an individual blog for them, towards the end of January. Stay tuned!

#NationalTriviaDay on Twitter

The Elder Scrolls Online Twitter account is flooding their feed with trivia questions today in 'honor' of National Trivia Day. They are giving away free ESO awards for whoever answers correctly first. Note that you have to be following them to get awards. Be sure to check it out if you have ESO!


Online is hosting a panel for MAGFest on Friday. Here's the official description of what they're hosting below:

The Audio Team from ZeniMax Online Studios will discuss how they started with an existing IP with The Elder Scrolls and translated it into an MMO with The Elder Scrolls Online. Discussion topics will include: • How we stayed true to the games before us, but still innovated and transformed the sounds • How sound and music is different in our MMO versus the single player games • How we cast characters and create sounds for creatures that have been in past games • A look at the music of Morrowind and how we translated it to a different context from our recent chapter release

If you don't know what "MAGFest," the official website details it as "Short for "Music And Gaming Festival," MAGFest is a four day-long event dedicated to the appreciation of video game music, gaming of all types, and the gaming community." More information can be found here.

Finishing notes

Well guys, that's about all I could find for this month that's released right now. I want to give a bit of a challenge, though. Since today is "#NationalTriviaDay," I want to challenge everyone who read this to add trivia to the wiki. If you're in, comment down below! The user with the most useful trivia contributions will get a shoutout in next months blog. Until then, I hope everyone has a happy New Year, and if you're on the East Coast; stay warm! There's only 6 inches of snow outside my door.