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Hey everyone! The 12th marked the release of Update 17, as well as the Dragon Bones DLC, for PC and Mac! As promised, albeit a little late, here's a list of what you can expect from the Update, as well as Dragon Bones. The majority of the update focuses on the outfit system, and improvements and bug fixes related to combat, skills, and leveling, in a focus to try to improve teamwork between players. Note that the release for Xbox 1 and Play Station 4 will be coming out on the 27th.

Sorry that this was a little late, everyone involved in writing it kind of had some problems come up in real life.

Update 17

For a complete list of changes, see Update 17.

Starting with update 17, here's a list of some of the bigger things you can expect to see.

Basic New Features

  • The Outfit System – Check out this guide for more.
    • "Be who you want to be with the new Outfit System! Now, you can completely customize almost every aspect of your appearance with unique Outfits, regardless of the gear you are wearing. You will have one free Outfit that you can customize at a cost of gold, but should you wish, you can purchase additional Outfits and Outfit Change Tokens (allowing you to save gold) from the in-game Crown Store. To begin customizing your Outfit, locate a new Outfit Station (previously known as Dye Stations)."
  • Home Storage System – Check out this guide for more.
    • "With Update 17, we are also introducing a new home furnishings type: storage containers. With storage containers, you can finally store bankable items in your own homes, freeing up space from your bank, inventory, or craft bag. You can earn the first of these by leveling a character to level 18 and receiving it as a level-up reward, but there are seven additional containers you can acquire from in-game vendors and the Crown Store."
  • New leveling additions – Check out this guide for more.
    • "In order to help players better understand the game and how to develop their characters, we've introduced a new level-up experience. Now, when you level up in The Elder Scrolls Online, you'll receive unique rewards and helpful gameplay tips to help you on your adventures. In addition to this, we've created a new Skills Advisor tool that you can use to help pick your character's skills and abilities based on a desired archetype."
  • Combat Improvements – Check out this guide for more.
    • "In addition to the new features above, we've made some dramatic changes to ESO's combat system. These changes include improvements to Synergies, the removal of area-of-effect caps, changes to block costs, changes to cast-time abilities and interrupts, and changes to how Heavy Attacks and the Off Balance mechanic work."

New dungeons (Non Dragon Bones)

Update 17 is also coming out with two new dungeons:

  • Mor Khazgur – A 4v4v4 dungeon
    • "This Orc stronghold has seen more than its fair share of conflict over the ages, but thanks to its precarious ledges and limited visibility, it is now the perfect arena for 4v4v4 battles."
  • Deeping Drome – Regular pvp dungeon
    • "Set deep beneath Tamriel, this cavernous arena is illuminated by the glow of the surrounding mushrooms, lighting your way through its tight corners and winding pathways."

Misc new additions

  • Master Writ Updates
    • Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator who sells furnishings and recipes for Writ Vouchers, has new stock.
  • Furnishing placement has been changed
  • 32-bit Client Removal
  • Champion Point Increase
  • Increased Online: Morrowind Alliance Point rewards
  • Combat balance changes
    • Area of Effect abilities now deal full damage to all targets hit, instead of having a damage penalty after hitting 7 or more targets. Secondary effects from those Area of Effect abilities (snares, stuns, etc.) are still capped at 6 targets.
    • Rebalanced and globally updated all cast time and channeled abilities, along with the ruleset for interrupting those abilities.
    • Synergy updates

Dragon Bones

  • Both new dungeons will feature a normal mode and a veteran mode.
  • Fang Lair and Scalecaller Peak are 4-Player Dungeons which can be reached via Bangkorai and Stormhaven respectively.
    • Fang Lair’s entrance is in northern Bangkorai, north of the Troll’s Toothpick delve.
    • Scaelcaller Peak’s entrance is in North-Eastern Stormhaven, north of Wind Keep Wayshrine.
  • Features new DLC-only items, such as Undaunted Monster Mask sets, collectibles and new achievements.

Fang Lair

Fang Lair was once a large Dwemer mine. Their glory however was laid low by the Dragon Thurvokun centuries ago. The Dragon used the Dwarven halls as its lair for uncountless years, so much so that the original name of the mine was lost and it became simply known as, Fang Lair. Thurvokun eventually passed but great power remained in the Dwemer halls. Adventurers from all corners of Tamriel sought to plumb the depths of Fang Lair to steal the treasures for themselves and all met ruin. Now, Orryn the Black, a particularly powerful necromancer, and his followers have come to enact a ritual with which to raise the ancient Dragon and unleash it upon Nirn.

Scalecaller Peak

Scalecaller was an ancient Dragon Priest dedicated to the dragon, Thorvukun. When she was living, her power was immense and her reign seemed unchecked. That is, until she was betrayed by her followers and the link between her and her dragon was severed. Her cult spread to the winds to avoid persecution but still maintained vigil for their fallen lord. Now, the time has come and the descendants of the Cult of Scalecaller have the means to bring the ancient Dragon Priest back to life.
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