While Bethesda no longer has any plans on upcoming DLCs for their now 3-year-old game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, they have finally relinquished the 100 MB file restrictions on the Steam Community Workshop. This means modmakers can now upload larger mod files to the workshop instead of being limited to other mod sharing sites. In addition, mod downloads will be handled by the Steam Client instead of the game's launcher, though the launcher will still maintain it's task for updating the game with newer patches. The Creation Kit update 1.9.33 required for this is currently in a beta testing period and will end around March 9th. For more information, see the Bethesda article.

The Elder Scrolls Online has now released Update 6 after it's numerous beta weeks on the Public Test Server. Information on this update can be read on the Road Ahead article. Another reminder is that the update is just in time for the Tamriel Unlimited launch on March 17th, which will mark the date on which the game removes it's monthly subscription after almost one year.

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