Since the vast majority of users seem to be in support of us doing so (both on the Forum poll, and on the main page Wikia Poll), We shall be joining the blackout for a period of 24 hours. There's a countdown timer at the COD Wiki's Blackout page. We're going to initiate the blackout when all the other sites on the web have their blackout.

There are many many reasons for why we should do this. I'm not going to go into detail about what SOPA is exactly (That would take too long, and its been done so many other place already).

I will say this:

If this bill passes, our wiki will be fairly quickly removed. Our wiki has a lot of game-specific content, and all it takes is one image that someone has accidentally uploaded without the {{Esimage}} template, and we can be shut down permanently.

No appeals process.

Just gone ... forever.

Now, if you want to see a list of other great sites that are getting involved:

Go to


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