Zippertrain85 Zippertrain85 4 May 2016

3 Year Anniversary

Hey guys, so apparently I've been on the Wiki for three years now. Hard to believe, but I wrote my infamous (and controversial) blogs here three years ago, even though this will technically publish on May 4th, it's not that yet here, so it still counts (kind of).

See you in 2017, I hope.

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Zippertrain85 Zippertrain85 31 December 2015

Have a Happy New Year Elder Scrolls Wiki!

Hi guys! I just wanted to wish you all a Happy 2016 New Year, stay well, stay sane, all that.

I know this has been a somewhat chaotic year, but I honestly think this Wiki has a bright future ahead of it. This was the year we finally purged the corruption from our community and put caring and capable people in charge of the Wiki, and I being here for two and a half years have seen much improvement already.

I'm going to try to edit & help out here more too, but I've been busy lately with other projects on other Wikis.

Have a Happy New Year TES Wiki! :)

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Zippertrain85 Zippertrain85 20 November 2015

Q&A Part 2: Answers

Hello, so I had a Q&A around this time last month and asked you, the community if you had any questions for me, I got two questions (if you can even call Madman's reply that). Despite this whole experiment being less popular the second time around, I'll still answer the questions.

From Madman97: Oh come now, Zipper. You could have just asked me to Interview you.

I didn't want an interview, Maddie, already got one (thank you Emperor Jarjarkine ^_^), I wanted you to ask a question so I could answer it on this blog, and not waste time answering random crap! Sorry, sorry, off topic.

From Harkon Romney: Who is your favorite character in anything ever?

That's a tough one (but good question though), I might go with Sylar from Heroes, but I also like th…

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Zippertrain85 Zippertrain85 20 October 2015

Q&A Part 2: Questions

Hello, so a few blogs back I had a Q&A from the my fellow Wiki users. I think I should have a part 2!

Ask me any questions you want. And I'll try to answer as best I can in the future. As stated in my other blog, it can be about movies, the Wiki, myself, etc.

What are you waiting for? Ask away!

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Zippertrain85 Zippertrain85 23 September 2015

No side is "right" in the Civil War.

It has, uh, been a long time since I have done a Civil War blog. But this time around I'm not going to be taking a side and saying why I think they are the right side to choose, quite the contrary actually, I'm going to be saying the opposite.

After thinking about it for some time I have realized there is no "right" side in the Civil War. The term "right" is by definition subjective and arbitrary, no side can make the claim of officially being the right one, when there isn't even a official way to measure what is right. What I am saying is, morality is subjective. What someone might consider evil others might consider necessary, what some consider heroism, other might consider pointless or even malicious from some points of view. The Stormcl…

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