So, this blog is responding to another blog made by User:Likes-That-Tail. The blog was about how the Mainspace (the editing part) of the Wiki is the most important area of the Wiki, but that we should stop arguing about which one is the best (don't mind the contradiction), he also says that more users should contribute to the Mainspace and whatnot. Since I feel this blog got a lot of things wrong, I am here to make my own counter explaining it. 

First, the Mainspace is in no way more important to the other aspects of the Wiki? I am going to explain how arguments in favor of this are incorrect.


Is the Mainspace the most popular part of the Wiki? Nope, it hardly gets as many editors as the Forums do. Jimeee may have given a statistic that a lot of people view the Mainspace pages, however he gave no such stat for the Forums. If the Forums get more users than the Mainspace, they might have more viewers. So, if we use the most popular aspect of the Wiki as the greatest importance, the Forums would be ahead of the Mainspace. 

Original Purpose of Wikia

Though Wikia was made for Pages, it has grown into much more than that. To the point where this Wiki is becoming just a Community of Elder Scrolls fans than a Wikipedia. As I explained, the Forums get more users than the Mainspace, if combine all the "luxery" aspects of this Wiki (Blogs, Forums, Chat) they outnumber the Mainspace drastically! It's just pointless for us to stay stuck in the past and forcus on just the Mainspace when other parts of the Wiki are growing, what logical purpose would there be for turning away from this? 

Easiest way to get TES info

This is an extremely misleading point, it basically is the idea that Wikipedia pages are the best way to get TES knowledge and that everything else is inferior. In my experience this is completely ridiculous. I learned most of my Elder Scrolls Lore from having Conversations on Forums and whatnot (sometimes just looking), because speaking to people more personally is easier to grasp than a Wikipedia page (maybe not for everyone, but for me and I am sure other users). Though the Mainspace is important for making a Foundation, you can't just rely on pages to get your knowledge, because TES lore quite frankly is not that straight forward. 

Now that I got through the main points of why the Mainspace is considered the better part of the Wiki by some, I am going to explain Likes-That-Tail's other point, about how more users should be editing. Which could also be considered a point for my reasons the Mainspace is not superior.

Editing is a mess

To be honest, a lot of people don't edit here because the Mainspace is totally user un-friendly in my opinion. There are so many rules that just don't make sense which get in people's way of helping the pages, people who needlessly revert edits, people who badge hunt, Vandals who are never dealt with, etc. Why would anyone want to involve themselves in this environment? Most people do this in their free time for enjoyment, if the Wiki has an aspect that is not fun people do not want to be a part of it. If the Wiki wants more Mainspace editors if needs to deal with these issues. You cannot have your cake and eat it too as the saying goes. :P 

My opinion

In my opinion every part of this Wiki is important, we're a community dedicated to TES, and we should be able to express it in multiple different ways not just with editing. If we were just a Wikipedia and nothing else, this Wiki would not be nearly as big as it is today, as a matter of fact I bet most people here would not have edited here or stuck around. The Mainspace made this Wiki, but the "Luxery" aspects are what's keeping people coming, with the Mainspace being unenjoyable to edit for the most part. So, express your opinion in the comments, people should discuss this. 

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