To clarify some things:

  • In regards to the Thread:599271. The reason Zipper was demoted as a Forum Mod was NOT because he was critical of me or because of disagreements with the leadership. He very clearly told everyone "fuck you all" at the end of the thread. This behaviour not becoming of a member of staff - and if myself, Timeoin or anyone else said the same, they absolutely would be in trouble and likely demoted. That is not how we talk to each other on this wiki.
  • I was not the person who demoted Zipper. TombRaiser did it after the entire matter was discussed with staff. All I did was close the thread after asking people on the chat what we should be next.
  • Yes, SpeySpider did swear directly at Zipper. This is a personal attack and he was warned. The warning was in proportion to the offence he commited.
  • While you might consider me a "piece of garbage", I'd like to remind you this is bordering on a personal attack. Keep it civil.
  • There are claims that I ignored Madman's complaint about a bullying wikian. I can't recall this and looking at my archives, he has only messaged me once about Blog links, that Deyvid quickly dealt with. In any case, members of the chat will attest that I take such matters seriously and have recommended to them they the screencap such things and report them if it happens.
  • There is mention of being insulting etc. As with anything, show me the evidence. Thankfully we are on a wiki where everything is recorded in histories - show us proof of these claims. Thread:599271 tried to show examples, but these turned out to be false and the majority of the people commenting disagreed that they were even valid. Where is the evidence?
  • The system of only Patrollers being nominated by another Patroller was put to the community here: Thread:553642 and everyone - including Zippertrain who is currently complaining about the system - voted that this was the way to go. The fact that some patrollers are inactive is not the issue - if someone is suitable for the job, they would be noticed by an admin and nominated.
  • Finally, the admins do care. We have been vary patient and tried to let the chat govern itself. That was the deal at the start - you select your own overseers and they enforce the rules of chat. The problem arose when people began to be critical of the chat mod and their actions - then began to talk about them behind their back - this is something we will be fixing very soon.
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