I made a thread here to discuss long articles for which it led nowhere due to no posts. I have discussed my displeasure regarding some of the wiki's policies with other sysops via private communication medium's, but there's no overall outcome from such things.

If not many people replied, that's not the fault of anyone. If people don't feel stongly about a CT or have nothing to add then thats not being ignored. If you have a plan for long pages that works - and no one has any objections/not against policy - then there is nothing stopping you from doing the work.

If you (or anyone) has an issue with the Manual of Style, then make a post on its talk page where all your arguments can be seen by everyone - rather than a 1 on 1 with a person in PM that will be lost eventually.

Claiming that I'm being "sensationalist" is just a nice way of telling me to "stop complaining about put up with the policies as I don't care about your suggestions"

I'll remind you again not to put words into my mouth. Keep it civil.

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