aka Carlo

  • I live in Netherlands
  • I was born on March 10
  • My occupation is Graphic designer
  • I am Male
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Hello <insert name here>! Welcome to my talk page.

I'm CarloV3r. I'm a Discussions moderator. I ensure the Discussions are kept Elder Scrolls relevant, people treat eachother with respect and get rid of any disruptive users. I've played almost every game in the series and I'm quite knowledgeable on the lore, so I'm sure I can help you out with any questions you might have.

Please leave your message below.

  • Leave a message here if you'd like to discuss something.
  • Please, always sign your post at the end by using four tildes (~~~~)
  • When I'm online, you can usually find me in the TES Wiki Chatroom, so you can also talk to me there.
  • Please state your topic name above your message by using a header (== topic name ==)


Well look at your spiffy new profile stuff! Looks great, you are doing fantastic! 

(~*LilithRayn*~ (talk) 00:36, June 8, 2016 (UTC))

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