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--Wikia (talk) 23:36, December 25, 2011 (UTC)

RE Edit

Dear Dagoth11,

I've changed the Phonetic Translation on the page Dragon Language so that it is not only code anymore. Don't know how i can put the two translations next to eachother.

Sorry, but i don't know much about the dragon language. You could always use the page Dragon Language to translate something, i could also recommend this page at This page lists a lot of words, i hope you can find what you seek. Kennyannydenny (talk) 20:17, December 26, 2011 (UTC)

The page that Kenny linked is merely a cheap copy of our one ;) Anyways - in regard to the translation of what you were after - is there a copy of it with the music itself turned down? If there was, I believe that I could translate it, if it was in the same language (I think, however, that it is in a different language) TimeoinSay G'DayView my work 01:06, February 3, 2012 (UTC)
Damn. In that case - its unlikely that I can, then :( TimeoinSay G'DayView my work 00:30, March 2, 2012 (UTC)
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