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Welcome to my talk page, please feel free to leave me a message on this page, and I'll usually reply within 12 hours.

Returns[edit source]

Are you back, Hellhound? Has one of us been missing? —This unsigned comment is by Andy C. (talkcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~!

Hello.[edit source]

Greetings and salutations friend...I was wondering if you have any advice on a Meelee noob like good at everything else...just not any advice?Tel Mana (talk) 04:22, 3 October 2008 (UTC)

shrouded armour[edit source]

i was wondering whether i could get the shrouded armour and hood back as it seems to have disappeared from my inventory. :S very confused and annoyed at this.

Thanks BDT

How is it going?[edit source]

Hey, just looked at your page, and yes I need a bit of help, but also just to chat. I see you are getting into drafting, and design, I myself am a draftsman, graduated from ITT Technical Institute in 2005, and like you, I love what I do. I have been in the field for a couple years now. I have played through Oblivion for the XBox360, atleast five times, and I have come to the opinion, that it is impossible to play through the game without encountering some sort of bug, glitch, or error, but that doesn't keep from playing the game, and I truly enjoy it, and I would say I am an avid gamer. I prefer Elder Scrolls 4 to Neverwinter Nights 2, though I did like the party aspect of NWN2. and now to my current issue. I am having trouble, with the fighter's guild quest line. I have never encountered glitch before. I had just finished the quest "Trolls of Forsaken Mine" where you have to find Veranus Donton, the Master's son. I completed, the quest spoke to Owyn. Then what is supposed to happen didn't happen, he said his spill, about his telling the Master about her son, his wanting me to keep a low prifile and all. So I went to Cheydinhal and spoke to the Orc guild leader, and he said nothing about Owyn being thrown out of the guild, or my demotion to defender. Now in the other games that I have played I believe I have always gone to Anvil first and spoken with Azzan, instead of speaking with the orc. I have completed "The Nobel's Daughter" and "Mystery at Harlun's Watch", and have just finished getting the Stone of St. Allesia, back from the Ogres, and planning to go back to Azzan, and I do remember him saying that "I have one last job for you", which means he may be planning to promote me to Champion, and with both Azzan and The orc in Cheydinhal, whenever I ask about promotion they give the not ready for promotion line, now if the storyline worked correctly then after those quests I would get the Warder, and Guardian promotions a second time, but I was never demoted, I think what will happen is that, when I go back to Azzan in Anvil, I will be denied the Champion promotion, which means I will not be able to complete the Fighter's Guild Storyline. I never went to Swampy Cave prior to the quest "Mystery at Harlun's Watch" Because I remember the map, being undiscovered, also I was given the Mind & Body ring, and I was a Guardian when I went in there. At any rate something is amiss, I can't get to UESP because this is a work system, and I am stand-alone at home. if you could help, it would be much appreciated


where doese the grey fox live[edit source]


Bug[edit source]

In the quest "Peryite Shrine", I found a good bug (sort of). The reward is the Spell Breaker shield. After I went to repair its condition up to 125 (master armourer ^^), it showed two Spell Breakers in my inventory. I know I didn't have two shields to start with. So might want to add that to the quest page. Thanks.


Ahh..nevermind. In my inventory it said that there were two but it was really only one. Sorry about that.

thanks![edit source]

hey iv been looking for fin gleam forever thanks for your help do you know were one of the places were i can find mace of doom?

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